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Christmas work party horrors?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7804points) December 26th, 2008

years ago i went to a law office christmas party and it was all paid for, if you know what i mean. they tell me i initiated that hokey dance where everybody follows (while hopping) in a line like a train around as the music plays, singing “HOT HOT HOT” with the music.

could have been worse i guess. at least i wasn’t jumping on couches in front of the partners. to this day, nobody has forgotten.

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Many years ago, the company I worked for decided there would be no alcohol served at official company functions. My boss got around it by having our Christmas party at his home. Pretty much everyone was wasted, to the point of his wife falling into the bathtub and bloodying her nose. She was still having a wonderful time, as were we all…until another drunken reveler found my boss’ gun, took it out into the street of this quiet neighborhood and started firing shots into the air. The party ended somewhat abruptly right about then. As you can imagine, all future company parties took place elsewhere and were alcohol-free!

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there’s always one in every crowd

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