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Handbrake users: are insanely long encode times normal?

Asked by PupnTaco (13885points) December 26th, 2008 from iPhone

I got an Apple TV from Santa and sat down to enjoy flipping through my iTunes library of 100 or so HD movies. But out of the lot, only 30 show up in the Apple TV for streaming, and the majority of those have no audio. (They all play just fine in iTunes or Front Row BTW.)

So I went to Handbrake to start re-encoding my collection to be Apple TV-compliant. The first one, “There Will Be Blood,” has been going since this morning and now says it has 5271 minutes left. Doing the math, that’s 3 1/2 days to re-encode one video, which means roughly a full year for the whole library.

I’m currently on a two-year old MacBook with 2GB of RAM.

Is this normal?

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Crap. Would I see a dramatic difference doing this work on a Mac Pro with more RAM?

Or do you know of a better way to accomplish this Herculean task?

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Well I’ve never tried it with HD video so I don’t know if 3 days is normal but it’s never been what you might call fast.

Faster computer might help a bit but I expect it will still be pretty slow.

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I’m dumb, I said Handbrake and meant VisualHub.

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I think the slow bit is actually the h.264 codec, not the program your using.

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That’s what my research indicates. I do want these to be of good quality and small files, so H.264 is the way to go. Bummer it takes so long.

I’ll check back in December 2009 when they’re done.

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