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What's the most age-inappropriate gift that went through your house this Christmas?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) December 26th, 2008

I’m looking at the Playful Penguin Funhouse. Is there anything you secretly want but really shouldn’t be asking for?

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Yes, but it is a secret. Nice accent btw.

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I have an age-inappropriate e-crush on you. And your sister is brilliant; I want one now.

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I kind of still want a barbie dream house, mostly because when I was little I was afraid to ask for one because I wanted to keep my tomboy act up.

And my grandma still writes “From Santa” on some of my presents and I love it. :)

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Ditto on the sexy voice

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I want bitty.

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Triple ditto on the sexy voice.

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That penguin thing is fucking amazing.

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I might be in love. With either Richard or the Penguins. Any way you look at it, it’s damned inappropriate!

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I would like to reiterate the opinions expressed above.

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zomg rich your voice is like sooooo smexy….<drools> :P

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My inappropriate crush is totally appropriate. HA!

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Was that red penguin trying to hump the blue penguin? I was starting to get turned on. Does that make me sick?
Also, why was the video a mirror image?

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@AstroChuck: That’s why I let them do it for so long. You don’t wanna interrupt that kind of thing.

As for the video, it’s all backwards because I’m English.

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iSight camera. I could flip it, but nevermind.

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RH- Isn’t it just before 6 am in your backwards country? Are always up this early or have you not hit the sheets yet?

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Haha. I am in bed. Christmas Eve screwed up my sleeping pattern so I’m still awake.

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Well, it’s 10 pm here. I need to get to sleep. Work tomorrow, you know.
But I am hoping for a little hot penguin action from the missus first. Wish me luck.

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Best of luck. I’ll priority mail the little guys over to assist you.

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it’s like 4am and for some reason i was like hysterical watching when i was watching that video. oh my god hahaha. also i have to add to the list of people that love your voice haha

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Psst. Richard. I have a thing for English accents. hint hint.

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I have a question… how the fuck can any of you detect an accent over the internet? that is essentially what this question turned into… a bunch of people commenting on an accent that was never implied not specified so how did this happen? btw I have a scottish accent…

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Umm… it wasn’t implied. It was present. In the video. And it’s been mentioned several times on Fluther where Richard is from.

What’s with the attitude?

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Hahaha. :) Please do post about some Christmas presents, someone. This question only has one answer.

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Why would I tell you? It’s embarrasing!
Ok…I wanted one of those balls with the string coming out of them…hard to explain.

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@90’s do you mean a yo yo?

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Does it come attached to a bat? A pole? Is it a Swingball? Those are appropriate for all ages. Swingball is great.

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I think chyna should tell us what her gift was. It’s actually a rule in the guidelines, you know; you have to.

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I was like one of those balls that when you squeeze them, it looks like they are about to pop (which I hate when my brother does that to my ball). They aren’t strings, I should say strands or something.

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Ok, but it was a JOKE. I always complained that I never got an easy bake oven as a kid.
Well I got an easy bake oven this year.

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I remember those. I always thought it was fake and the food was fake until my cousin showed me one and I had a cookie or something and it was GROSS. O well. It’s kind-of cool that little kids can get a head start on baking but that can rally be potentially hazardous. It looked like it was about to explode.

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I’ve seen them at KB Toys. Better grab one before they close all the stores.

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So I love how in the video you say that your “sister” wanted it and got it for christmas. right richie, i am sure that gift was for your sister. mmhmmm.

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@pnl I did notice how he knew so much about the penguins movements for someone that was just “buying a gift”.

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I want a easy bake oven, lol and one of those bears that you can draw on with those markers and you put it in the wash and all the marker comes off. Im such a kid. My sister got a laptop and an iPod nano, shes eight.. And she was seven when she got the iPod. She wears abercrombie, aeropostale, and things from Le Chateau and costa blanca, and lots of other stores for adults, but she gets extra smalls. I must admit though she has great style, better than me. Her and my mom have some of the same clothes, and shes only eight years old!

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@ as I wasn’t trying to have an attitude just being sarcastic and joking around. My mistake I didn’t see the video… once again there needs to be a sarcasm font…

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My friends and I had a gift exchange. Each person bought a $10 gift and randomly picked a present. When one (eighteen-year-old) guy unwrapped a bag of duplo, I experienced a sudden surge of jealousy. I guess we all want to go back to our childhood.

The most age-inappropriate gift for me was the anklet I received this year. I haven’t worn an anklet in years. They don’t feel comfortable, they always fall off, and I’m normally wearing socks (especially in the winter), so I don’t know why I got it…

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Could anyone decipher that last post of roadcapper? His Scottish accent is so strong I couldn’t understand a word he wrote.

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@ astro sorry I will try to keep it down…

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God. You sound just like Craig Ferguson!

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lurve to Chuckie for the LB reference.

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I got a splat egg and a splat tomato.

They really are cool. The egg splats out to what looks like a raw egg dropped on the floor and then, shoooop! It re-forms unto the round ray egg. Cool.

Am I required to mention DickHank’s sexy voice?

Edit: Sorry. I can’t make the second link work. :(

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One of my friends got a Kinder Egg. Look up ChocaDooby on Youtube——it’s creepy!

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