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Is there an application for the i touch were i could weigh an object on it?

Asked by cocofu69 (6points) December 26th, 2008

i want to be able to weigh out an object

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Thats why scales were invited. iPods were invented for MUSIC.

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Weed scales are cheap.

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The iPhone and iPod touch don’t comprise any technology that would allow you to weigh something with them.

The touch screen doesn’t operate by pressure if that’s what you were banking on, it’s the electricity that your fingers conduct as you touch the glass.
The accellerometer which detects the angle of the phone operates with a tiny weight in a tiny box that falls towards gravity on some tiny springs. As the springs are compressed, the electrical conductivity of them changes, so we measure it. We determine down to be the springs that are compressed the most.

We cannot listen to the weight of an object, which rules out the microphone.

The camera could not be used to weigh an object unless we knew the weight per cubic centimetre and had some reliable way to judge the size of the object.

You cannot weigh an object using your iPod. Hope this helps.

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@richardhenry: Your knowledge is most impressive and very helpful! Now I can understand exactly why/how my sons iPod touch can do all those fun & funny things.

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@bythebay: I’d like to see what happens to an iPhone in zero gravity. If you fired up Safari or tried to view a photo, the rotation would probably freak out like crazy as the weight in the accellerometer drifted around zero point.

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That has the potential to be very amusing! It’s a pretty amazing little creation though isn’t it, especially for the relatively low price and availability?

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We actually had some accellerometers in my electronics class in high school.

They cost about £25 to order in, and were the size of a small pea in cube form.

Economies of scale, for ‘ya; probably cost Apple a couple of dollars each because they order so many. Same with every component.

It takes a company with some real cash reserves (and balls to boot) to invest that much R&D and initial manufacture cost in a product like that.

Remember how quickly the price dropped from $500 when they cleared the initial batches and began ordering more.

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Don’t burst my bubble richardhenry! Please, allow me to be impressed due to my relative ignorance. :)

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Hehehe. Here’s the truth: the iPhone is designed and manufactured by angels using their tongues to make the rounded corners, and the touch screen is powered by a tiny elf that watched where you put your fingers through one way glass. ;) Don’t tell anyone.

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If it breaks, it’s too heavy

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No, you’ll break the screen.

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@richardhenry – the secret will be safe.

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