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So what did you vote for?

Asked by Jack79 (11004points) December 26th, 2008

This comes over from another thread, where I noted my surprise at the amount of Democrats here at fluther. I’m not saying it’s either a good or a bad thing, it just seems to me that there is a statistical inbalance.

So, just out of curiosity, and without going into an actual debate, where do you lean?

(I’d be interested to also hear from people in other countries, if there are any)

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I keep falling over as I’m so far left.

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In the middle, but very close to right.

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I lean to the left as well.

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Right is right! And to think, I actually enjoy AstroChuck’s answers?!?

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What did I vote for? Restoring the Constitution, repairing our international relations, rebuilding our infrastructure, taking care of our returning vets, putting a priority on education… stuff like that.

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I live off of earnings from inherited money invested in stocks. But I think corporations
(which support me) need to have some legal brakes put on them before they eat every entity in their paths alive. I’m pro-union, pro-social-safety-net, pro-universal-health-care, pro-sending-every-American-high-school-kid-abroad-for-a-year-to-learn-that-people-are-real-in-the-rest-of-the-world, pro-immigration, pro-early-sex-education, pro-free-mosquito-nets-financed-by-rich-countries-that-can-afford-to-distribute-to-poorer-subSaharan-countries, pro-legalization-of-marijuana, anti-imperialism, pro-universal-preschool/breakfast-programs, yes! a true Commie. no arguments here, right?

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I voted for intelligence in government.

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I’m a humanist, therefore I lean far left. Damn proud of it too.

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@Astro: It’s all good, you can join me on the floor over there. I brought pillows. They’re bright blue.

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Whenever there’s a choice about which way to go around an obstaclc, I go left.

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I’m left and libertarian, (-4, -6.25) on the political compass. And I’m in Australia. In fact of my Facebook friends who have done the same test, not one falls in the positive spectrum on either axis.
This isn’t that surprising though because I live in Tasmania which is the home of the first Green party in the world, which has also had the highest percentage of a vote in an electorate in the world (18.2% of the state vote in 2002).

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Liberalist leftie, here!

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w00t me too augustlan, liberal left :P

political compass- (-3.25,-4.77 )

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I’m so far left the right blinker doesn’t work on my car.

I also believe in and voted for the same things susanc listed and then some.

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I’d say I’m pretty far left. But I’m not so far left that I won’t take time to listen to what the Right has to say.

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Political Compass: (-7.25, -7.28)

If I’m reading this right…

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Political Compass:
Economic Left/Right: 1.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.28

I’m way left when it comes to social issues, and I hover around the center on economic issues.

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(7.0, .41)
I guess I’m more right than I thought. It seems that I am conservative economically, but am fairly neutral on social issues.

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Explain to me exactly what -6.50 economic, and -8.72 social really means? Does the more in the minus category mean more liberal? I’m a little confused by this test.
I guess I’m kind off slow this evening.

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(-2.12, .67)...i like that test!

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@astrochuck theyre just the coordinates on the graph.The x axis represents econimcs and the Y is social.Its much easier to explain by just looking at the actual graph sooo in that case your very libertarian and lean pretty far left, but not extreme. :P

<ramble ramble ramble>

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I voted for a lift on the ban of automatic weapons and the repeal of marijuana law

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Ah. Gotcha. Thanks.
I think I’m just getting tired.

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(-1.62, -4.36) a San Francisco centrist.

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A little left of center.

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Left on most issues.

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even though democrats are not exactly “left”, I get the picture

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I wanted change, and the only way to really do that was to vote the Republicans out. Thus I voted Democratic.

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Nice test, except that some questions could not really be answered, because you could tell where they were leading, and you’d like to explain your views better. Eg:“A significant advantage of a one-party state is that it avoids all the arguments that delay progress in a democratic political system”. Yes, it IS an advantage, except that if you click on “Agree” you are a fascist. Or where it asked whether religious education is important at school. For me it isn’t, but only because I plan to give it to my daughter myself.

Oh, and apparently I’m the new Dalai Lama…

thanks for the answers, keep them coming! :)

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So I just took that test…I’m spot on Ghandi.

Woo! I get to wear fluffy underwear. ?

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I vote for whoever isn’t an idiot because this bipartisan system is bullshit, but this year, based on me not voting for idiots, can you guess who I voted for? (hint he’s not white)

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@madcapper: You voted for Mr. T?

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@ blue damn it! you guessed it!!

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I voted for change. A positive change for hope that the governent will start listening to it’s people again. I voted for smart decisions based on real facts and for progress in science. I voted for a governent that does not tote ego and six shooters. I voted for hope that the future of this country can look back and smile at our generation. I no longer want to be embarrassed by my governent when I leave the country. I voted for stabalization of debt. I voted because I really do give a shit.

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This is me. A right leaning Libertarian.

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One side of the spectrum wants to tell me what I can do with my money. The other side wants to tell me what I can do with my body. I don’t like either of them.

I believe in the most personal freedom possible – the right to be able to swing a fist ends when it hits anothers’ nose, unless that other person is attacking first. In other words, my religion, what I do with my reproductive organs, and most of what I choose to do in my own home should not be anyone’s concern. Is there a party that believe this anymore?

“The legitimate object of government, is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but can not do, at all, or can not, so well do, for themselves in their separate, and individual capacities. In all that the people can individually do as well for themselves, government ought not to interfere.”—Abraham Lincoln

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I vote left.
@laureth—what about the libertarian party?

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Generally speaking, folks that can read, spell, and have the ability to string sentences together are, by and large left leaning, no?

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lefty libby as well

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I just took the test above. As I suspected, I’m a lefty.

What surprised (pleased?) me was that I’m further left and south than Ghandi.

Take a look

For years, I considered myself a centrist. Only since the Bush administration have I identified otherwise. I guess this proves it.

@asmonet: got any spare fluffy undies?

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Economic -3.7 social -3.85. Im in the green graph. Now I have to figure out what that means!

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Judi! You’re a (moderate) leftie, too : )

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Again again again again we must remember that intelligence doesn’t equal leftness.
We have some very smart righties here, but there are more out there who wouldn’t probably enjoy our company because we’re so bitter toward them. Does anyone know of an interesting site where smart righties hang out? We should make it our sister site.

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I’m a little more Ghandi than Ghandi himself. Which does not surprise me.

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@EmilyRose: Most Libertarians I know are either dissatisfied with the Republicans because they’re not conservative enough, or are the sort that believe we should be so free-market as to have tollbooths at every corner. If the Libertarians had a less wacky sister party, maybe.

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@cprevoite: They’re in the mail.

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I voted for intellegence & fresh ideas in politics.

I used to say “I’m Alaskan” when asked abroad, instead of “American” because I was so embarrased about the US’s actions and policies….

Now I“m faced with another dilemma of a local nature…the “Palin Problem”

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lol akmcq…I feel your pain…you could just say you’re Texan, that would make it all fine ;)

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I can’t wait til she runs in 2012…against Obama. Can you imagine the debates?!

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“I’ll go look it up and get back to ya, Barry.” (wink)

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@ Susanc, my comment was out of line. I am sure there are smart “righties” here. It is just that since the “righties” destroyed America they now call themselves independents, or the are regrouping and sewing their white hoods waiting to join forces again with jihadists to finish the job of evicerating our Constitution, decimating our civil rights, and siphoning off what ever wealth is left in the USA.
Thank you Republicans!

Republicans are like the guy that stole your high school sweet heart, and returns him to you with herpes, and a maxed out credit card. Priceless Indeed.

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If the righties decimated our civil rights it would mean that only one in ten of our civil rights were taken out and beaten. I think it was worse than that. Just sayin’. :^>

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Well they cannot quarter soldiers in our homes, which other of the 10 do we still have?

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That means we still have one in ten (of the bill of rights anyway), not that they’ve beaten one in ten.

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@mizuki, of course I agree with you. Just trying to Obamatize a little. Civility cuts a lot of cake. I don’t trust ‘em either. But while distrusting, I don’t want to demonize.

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I’m a socialist. Voted for the Social Democrats, Sweden’s major political party.

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I voted for Obama, but only out of fear of Palin. Had McCain chosen a different running mate, I most likely would have voted for him.

So far, I haven’t noticed a change from any of the previous office holders- Democrat or Republican.

I am not counting the new healthcare bill, it may have been signed, but it won’t go into effect for another four years and it still hasn’t made it into law. I think healthcare is a right, that being said, but I do not approve of the riders attached to this or ANY bill.

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As for my status- I would consider myself moderate, an odd mix of liberal and conservative (without the holy roller attitudes and reasonings). I think I am currently a registered Republican from my pathetic attempt a few years ago in trying to vote Bush out of the primaries. Here in Maine, you can only vote in the primary of the party you belong to. I saw no cause to change it to Democrat in the most recent election, Hillary lost the minute Obama was even suggested.

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Um, if the bill has been signed by Obama, by definition that means it has made it into law.

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Also, some parts of healthcare reform will go into effect much sooner.

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