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What is the only English word to have three consecutive pairs of repeated letters?

Asked by hossman (3271points) November 17th, 2006
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Encyclopedia Brown covered this question. Bookkeeper is one. Is it the only one?
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Ok, here's a different trivia bit, but if you like word trivia in this vein: a word that contains all of the vowels in teh english language, only once each: sequoia
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don't forget bookkeeping
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facetious as well
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both of those leaves out Y, which is thoroughly neglectful, albeit moderately trivial.
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to occ and tuvald: not only does facetious have every vowel, but they are in order "a, e, i, o, u"
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Very interestering that bookkeeper is an answer to one of Tim Tang's test questions. Wish I had read this before torturing myself on level #5.

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facetiously, then, has every vowel, including y, in order.

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