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Recurring dream - being in a friend's childhood home?

Asked by Jude (32134points) December 27th, 2008

I have had this dream over the years. I am by myself at one of my best childhood friend’s home. I walk through the house, but, no one is there. I sometimes expect my friend to show up, but, she doesn’t. The house is unlocked and everything is pretty much the same as it was when I was younger. I go into the basement mostly – just looking around. I always wonder in my dream where my friend’s parents are and why they just left the house.

Any ideas as to what this dream is about?

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I know that someone is going to look into their dream codebook and tell you it’s about
loss or loneliness or something like that. But you know that.

So, as always, I’ll offer my therapisty Jungy approach. Try it if you like. Just sit quietly and ASK THE HOUSE to talk to you and then let it speak through your mouth, or in your mind. The house “is information”. Then ask the absent parents. They too have knowledge and may be willing, even glad, to share it. Ask the “you” in those rooms to talk to you and listen. Ask the friend whose parents aren’t there. Ask any dream element you want to. You can ask a window, you can ask dust, you can ask emptiness. And listen. It may seem goofy, but give it a shot and see if something arrives. The theory is, of course, that all these pieces are yours – you have the information already, but it’s being offered to you in visual code. Ask to be given it in verbal form. Usually works.

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Perhaps you envied your friend’s house. Not the people in it, but just the house. So you dream that you have it all to yourself. Just a thought.

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