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Is there open source software available that analyses a string and guesses the gender of the author?

Asked by richardhenry (12664points) December 27th, 2008

Would you conclusively recommend anything?

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I don’t know of an open source app, but I have found a web app that can guess the gender of a web page’s author. Once again I forget what it is called (found it through stumble) but if you can find it through google, it might be of some help.

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I don’t know of any software, either, but if you’re interested in the web app Eambos mentioned, I can probably find it for you pretty easily. I posted it on my blog years ago and just came across that post the other day.

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@AlenaD: If you could dig up that post, I’d rather appreciate it! :)

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^^^^ I think this is it.. let me double check. Yepper.

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Just out of curiosity, why do you want this info?

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Lol, according to that webpage, Andrew is a girl in This blog post.

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Andrew is a girl. That is all.

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@tinyfaery: Can’t really say. It would just be a fun feature in a web application I’m working on.

Gone to ask on a couple NLP forums. I’ll share anything I find here.

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Hah, that websites marks me as female most of the time (which I’m not). Still, I love the idea :)

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I’m with Vincentt. I also copy-pasted a 1000+ word passage I wrote earlier today. And it thinks I’m a woman. Seems more of a toy than a tool.

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I’ve seen a site that does this, and I don’t think it was the one linked above. I found it to be wrong about 1/3 of the time before I got bored with testing it. I guessed me wrong, for one. Someone sent me the link as a novelty, and I didn’t keep it. It worked by counting the incidence of a set of keywords. I surmised that it either oversimplified the results of some study or simply reflected the prejudices of the creator.

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Is gender really relevant?

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Just to throw in my experience with the Gender Genie, I pasted in multiple text excerpts and it named me as female each time. So, oddly (seeing as it’s been wrong a lot for the people above), it pegged me right.

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Perhaps it just has some odd tendency to label people female? ;-)

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I would be most interested in open source software available that analysis a string of written verbiage and guesses as to whether or not the writer is an ass! This could be most useful in responding to proposals in work situations and sometimes even helpful here on Fluther! ;) (Previous posters in this thread excluded, of course!)

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@bythebay: You’re looking for StupidFilter.

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@richardhenry: Genius! You continue to impress me.

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Gender Genie pegs me as a male here: (a pretty rushed post)

But I also pasted in some of the essays I’ve done for college (the opposite of rushed), and it pegged me as a girl.

It seems a lot like it assumes that messier writing is male, and more organised writing is female.

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@RH – brilliant Well, I inserted some text that by someone clearly being an ass, but at least it’s there :)

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uClassify looks interesting, and has built in gender recognition. It’s for classifying bodies of text (building spam filters etc). API though, not installable or OSS.

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The uClassify thing is interesting! The GenderAnalyzer looks very similar to Gender Genie. I tested it with my blog and got female, but 54%, which they say is ‘quite gender neutral’. Interestingly, I’d say that’s pretty damn accurate. I’d be curious to see if it was accurate for other people or that was just a fluke.

Now, even more interesting is Typealizer, which tells you psychological personality based on your text analysis. I got “the Artist”, which is pretty accurate (it’s an archetype I get a lot on various quizzes).

Nifty stuff. :)

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Christ. They need software for that?

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