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2009 Chinese Year of the Ox - Anyone found past chinese years relevant to having a "good" year?

Asked by nebule (16436points) December 27th, 2008

I was just wondering whether anyone has had direct experience of having a good year or indeed a particularly bad year when its been their Chinese animal year… if you know what I mean? I am a Monkey anyway so 2009 might just be another bum year for me if this is true…and in all honesty… i do believe you are the master of your own destiny… but…though i’d throw the question out there…

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No. I also don’t see myself as a Tiger at all. But I do have some Pisces characteristics. How do I determine which one to believe. Do I follow Aztec astrology because I’m Mexican, or Norse/Celtic from my mother’s side?

Oh yeah, I don’t believe in that stuff. But it is fun. =)

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i know…there is so much stuff to believe in or not to believe in these days…one doesn’t know where to turn and feels like you have to do a thesis on each religion, sect ect. (!) to have any kind of understanding…

the mind boggleth!!

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Okay. I actually read the tiger description. Aside from the leadership and authority traits, I am very tigerish. Meow!

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I’m not a Boar so much, but I’m very much a Scorpio.

I don’t think the quality of my year has been effected by it though. It’s all just in good fun.

And lynneblundell; believe in yourself.

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I absolutely hate my zodiac sign. Hate it Hate it Hate it Hate it Hate it Hate it Hate it!
Dogs are my least favorite animal of all time! I go by rooster (1993) because I was considered living in 1993.

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I’m born under the year of the Ox, so hopefully that will mean it is a good thing for me!!

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I actually just celebrated the real chinese new year in Taiwan mid-Feb. to early March.

Maybe all the Taiwanese beer and fireworks I bought and set off will prove to be a good omen for me this year. lol

Man….it was non-stop blazing firecrackers day & night…..a serious celebration!

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