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How can I improve my google experience?

Asked by tinyfaery (43851points) December 27th, 2008

I’ve recently switched from Yahoo! to google for my email and home page. Honestly, I miss Yahoo! Can you recommend some add-ons or whatever you call the links I can add to my homepage to personalize my google experience? I’m having problems with my appearance too. I don’t like my current homepage display.

Any suggestions?

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I know I got you to switch, so I’d like to help out during the transition.. I still think that once you get used to Gmail, you’ll really appreciate the features.

You don’t have to use Google as your homepage if you don’t want, I’m assuming you still have an active Yahoo account? If so, you can still use your My Yahoo page as your homepage if you prefer it.

Personally, I never liked either Google or Yahoo homepages, I have mine set to Google News, so I can’t recommend any apps, sorry. :)

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Well, I thought I’d try. I get my news and other “essential” information from my yahoo page. It’s just convenient to have me email attached. I’ve switched all my essential email correspondence to my gmail; I really like the email program.

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Okay, well, maybe I can help.. you can likely find the same types of things for the iGoogle page. News and what other things?

I’m sure you’ve seen this, the add gadgets to your homepage area.. looks like there’s a whole bunch of things available.

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This is hard to explain. Maybe it’s just a resistance to change. I don’t like the fonts. Yahoo seems more vivid in color. Google has the daily puppy but not the daily kitten or cute overload, and I like my direct links from yahoo. Yahoo’s ads seem less apparent.

Maybe there is another way to personalize my web experience; I’m not very web savvy.

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Try the link above, you can add lots of nifty stuff to customize the boxes on the iGoogle page. Not sure about the font thing, but there are also themes that will change the overall appearance, if that helps some.

It’s bedtime where I am and I’m beat, but I hope that helps!

P.S. Haha.. check this out.. Daily Kitten & Cute Overload!

P.P.S. What ads? My iGoogle page has zero ads.

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iGoogle is easy to personalize. Mine doesn’t have any ads, either. I’ve got these on my page: “John Stewart quote of the day” “Shakesperian insults” “Albert Einstein quote of the day” “Literary quote of the day” and a time/date function. I don’t use it as my homepage though. I still use aol as my homepage, because I too am resistant to change : )

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What browser are you using? there are some good Firefox addons for gmail. Also some greasemonkey scripts.

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1)log into Gmail
2)without logging out, go to
3)change igoogle theme until you find something for you.
4)If step 3 gives trouble,then Google “igoogle themes”
5)That is all.

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<<< loves Yahoo! The chat within the email, the MyYahoo! the cool stationary, the simplicity… they were the first to offer unlimited storage…. Go Yahoo!

CMaz's avatar is the bomb. Plus, it includes Google!

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Google Shortcut Finds Pages That Have…
nokia phone the words nokia and phone
sailing OR boating either the word sailing or the word boating
“love me tender” the exact phrase love me tender
printer -cartridge the word printer but NOT the word cartridge
Toy Story +2 movie title including the number 2
~auto looks up the word auto and synonyms
define:serendipity definitions of the word serendipity
how now * cow the words how now cow separated by one or more words
+ addition; 978+456
– subtraction; 978–456
* multiplication; 978*456
/ division; 978/456
% of percentage; 50% of 100
^ raise to a power; 4^18 (4 to the eighteenth power)
old in new (conversion) 45 celsius in Fahrenheit
site:(search only one website) “invisible web”
link:(find linked pages)
#...#(search within a number range) nokia phone $200…$300
daterange:(search within specific date range) bosnia daterange:200508–200510
safesearch: (exclude adult content) safesearch:breast cancer
info: (find info about a page)
related: (related pages)
cache: (view cached page)
filetype:(restrict search to specific filetype) zoology filetype:ppt
allintitle: (search for keywords in page title) allintitle:“nike” running
inurl:(restrict search to page URLs) inurl:chewbacca (specific domain search),,, etc.
site:country code (restrict search to country) “rio de Janeiro”
intext:(search for keyword in body text) intext:parlor
allintext: (return pages with all words specified in body text) allintext:north pole
book(search book text) book The Lord of the Rings
phonebook:(find a phone number) phonebook:Google CA
bphonebook: (find business phone numbers) bphonebook:Intel OR
rphonebook:(find residential phone numbers) rphonebook:Joe Smith Seattle WA
movie:(search for showtimes) movie:wallace and gromit 97110
stocks:(get a stock quote) stocks:ncesa
weather:(get local weather) weather:97132

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