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can I send and receive mms on my iphone?

Asked by liltooth (4points) September 13th, 2007 from iPhone

I want to send and receive mms on my iPhone. Is there a 3rd party software that can help do that?

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No TRUE MMS, just an email workaround…

Send MMS as emails to the person’s call # at their carrier:

Alltel =
AT&T =
Boost Mobile =
Cingular (AT&T) =
Einstein PCS =
Sprint =
T-Mobile =
US Cellular =
Verizon Wireless =
Virgin Mobile =

To receive, have your friends send from their cell phones to your regular email address that you have set up on the iPhone.

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Sending these to a verizon phone does not work! I’ve tried. I wish it did because my boyfriend lives 3 hours from me and we like to send eachother pictures :(

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My son sends photos from his iPhone to his girlfriend’s Verizon phone using the 10-digit phone number address

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Guys, please stop waisting your time…if you have Installer on your iPhone follow my instructions and thank me later :)

Hey guys,
Follow my instructions and thank me later…here you go:

First you need the Application Swirly MMS- add this from
Swirly’s source – and add version 0.3.2.
Install the package named “SwirlyMMS from Swirlyspace”, ver 0.3.1. Follow the installation instructions (which means you must restart your phone when installation has finsihed)

Then go to Settings and fill out this info:
you can find settings for other carriers on other blogs.

T-Mobile (USA)
User: empty
Pass: empty

A screen will display that you need to install Mobile finder/Mobile Viewer to be able to see pictures. Go ahead and go to installer, all packages, scroll all the way down to Mobile Finder, install it, then go back and install Mobile Viewer.
Now you are done! Have someone send you an mms. It should show under Swirly MMS. Open it then click fetch. It will download then display this message:

“all fetched mms-files are stored in/var/mobile/media/mmsfiles”

Click the menu button. Now you are on your home screen. Scroll to see the icon “Preview” and click it. Click “Open” . you will then have 5 folders displayed:

1. …
2. Bin
3. Lib
4. Library
5. Media

Double click on the folder “…” then click on folder “mobile” then folder “media” then folder “MMSfiles” then BINGO! All your received pictures are there!!! Good Luck… Big Thanks to Adel Hallak.

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help please, i was just randomly searching and i found this site, i got to the bottom!! i opened the folder but i only had library and media!! what do i do?? please email, thats the only way ill check it cuz like i said i found this site randomly…please help!!

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The way hearkat said it is wrong because you have to pay for sending it to those links and they have to pay for it. Unless you and they have unlimited data plans.

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@SwimminDude: That response was posted at the time the question was asked, when the iPhone was still quite new. All AT&T iPhone plans in the USA have unlimited data, so the sender will not incur additional fees. Whether or not the receiver will depends on their carrier an plan. Also, it is likely that software for this purpose will he available when 3rd party apps are released.

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