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What's the best kind of cheese you've ever had?

Asked by AstroChuck (37461points) December 27th, 2008 from iPhone

For me it’s between California horseradish Cheddar, HabaƱero Jack, and Roquefort. I enjoy Swiss and extra sharp Cheddar too. Both good everyday cheeses.

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I may go through phases but Manchego always makes me happy.

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Goat cheese hands down.

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I eat Muenster, Brie, Havarti, Baby Swiss, White Cheddar, Mozzarella, Feta, Halloumi, Queso Blanco and Monterrey Jack in alarming quantities.

I also really enjoy the so called ‘cheese’ Kraft supplies with macaroni. I don’t think it qualifies though.

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mmm gouda makes my tongue happy :)

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Huntsman. It’s soooo good.

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Oh, tough choice. Jarlsberg, brie, extra-sharp cheddar, really good Gorgonzola. People who’ve had to cut back or cut out fats and/or dairy products from their diets typically say nothing’s harder to give up than cheese.

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Rogue River Blue, from Rogue Creamery in Central Point Oregon

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Brie and smoked cheddar. Both sooooooo good. There have been some lovely cheeses mentioned here, though. :)

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I love a sharp English costal cheddar. Or Danish bleu. Or smoked gouda. Or a smear of mascarpone on a warm slice of homemade fruitcake.

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Depends on what I’m having it with. Bothwell cheddar curds are the best when eating cheese on its own. On a sandwich I usually like havarti.

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A friend of mine who is a cheese enthusiast suggested I try “cirre du lune” and it was amazing. I can’t find it anywhere since then, but I still ask for it whenever possible.

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Im not sure what its called, but ive been loving this horseradish cheese thats in my house. Its a white soft creamy cheese with a nice horseradish kick at the end mmmmmmmm.

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12 year old cheddar. Nothing like it. Not all are the same, but almost any 12 year old beats anything younger.

oh…and for pure, cheap deliciousness, only Wisconsin cheese curds do the trick. If they don’t squeek when you eat ‘em they must not be from Wisconsin

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its a tie between vegetable Jack cheese and four year old Cheddar. Both are hard to find around here, expensive, and worth every penny. I agree that true Wisconsin cheddar curds are the absolute best.

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Extra sharp, aged Cheddar. I never get sick of it!

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I love blue & goat cheeses, but a really good pecorino with some pears and a good red wine makes me very happy.

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So I have a question, @Sueanne or anyone. How come before I buy cheese, it ages, and after I buy it, it molds?

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I love so many cheeses, it is impossible to choose just one. I love a good Brie or Blue cheese, but my current favorite is Petit Basque.

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Any cheese curds (especially fried) from Wisconsin

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I love Havarti! Yum!!!

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St. Andre’s triple-cream brie. Chipotle cheddar. Trader joe’s honey goat cheese.

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I love most any kind of cheese, but for a ‘different’ cheese, I’m going to pick Fontina. It has a great nutty flavor that is addictive.

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I like most blue cheeses (and most other cheeses, come to think of it), but Roquefort definitely wins hands down especially after eating it in the caves where it gets made

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I really want a cheese platter now. I think I’ll settle for Quinoa with potatoes and queso blanco. Dear god, that’s delicious. And cheesy.

I blame you. All of you. But especially Chuck.

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Lurve shilolo for Petit Basque. The store we always go to used to have one-pound rounds of it for $10. We bought one every week until they realized their hideous mistake. Now $25. Curses!
I cannot go near brie without embarrassing myself – even bad brie. I got an amazing very soft one at (of all places) Costco around Thanksgiving, in a square wooden box. The cheese itself was also square. Um. Excuse me, I have to go to Costco NOW.

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I recently had an Espresso encrusted Rosemary Extra Sharp Cheddar that was really good.

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I was looking for the name of a wonderful type of cheese I had with an odd name, Morbier. I came across this: WARNING: Big yuck factor!

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@bythebay, your find definitely wins the yuck award of the day. Fascinating, yes, but…<shudder>. How do people ever discover these things?

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@jerbua awww damn my cheese has larve all in it…...screw it im hungry…..oh wow this is good. Something like that :P

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@uberbatman: Or maybe they’re under the influ…oh nevermind. ;P

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@bythebay well duh… thats where the “screw it im hungry” step comes in :P

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@uber: I’m laughing so hard I can hardly type – ok, you win!

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I had a great brie in college…my Belgian friends brought back a couple of wheels from France. That was also my introduction to Merlot.

edit: and Camembert.

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When I was a boy, we used to by a fifty pound block of cheese, unwrap it and leave it in the garage for a couple of days. Soon it was much like that Casu Marzu cheese mentioned above, but we never ate it, we used it to bait box traps to catch catfish. I couldn’t imagine eating anything that nasty. To this day, when I smell rotten cheese, I am reminded of my days of fishing as a boy. The catfish loved it, but me, I hated to even get it on my hands. Ick!

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