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Should I have any concerns about sending containers containing alcohol through the u.s. Postal system?

Asked by karatrow (1points) September 13th, 2007 from iPhone
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You might have some issues. They could potentially charge you about 15$ extra for the shipping for “safety precautions.”

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Is it neccessary to tell them the contents of the package when I ship it?

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I don’t know.

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I think they’ll ask what’s in the package when you ship it. They ask if there are any potentially hazardous materials or foodstuffs, I think.

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they might refuse to ship it based on a states alcohol laws, we have restrictions in Oklahoma.

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We have restrictions in Louisiana also

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Mailing liquids is prohibited (down at the bottom) and they do ask you if your package contains x, y & z prohibited items. Of course, you could lie. I’ve known of instances where people have gotten away with it. I don’t know about private carriers (UPS, etc), but I recommend going that route instead.

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you could always call the post office and ask anonymously and see what they say.

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Yes..cannot mail..must UPS.

Found this out a few years ago when I wanted to send some wine to an out of town friend.

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