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Traveler's site to unite and travel together?

Asked by Unit134679 (90points) December 27th, 2008

Is there a site that travelers can meet up and travel together in pairs or groups? allows travelers to find a place to stay, but I do not think it allows me to meet travelers from any part of the world and coordinate a stay in a country.

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That’s a great question. Hope we get some answers.

I’m sure you meant couchsurfing, not coachsurfing.

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The only network travel site I know of that is active and social, would be I am sure members can organize events together and such.

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Though actually does have some helpful travel tips and stuff.

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How about World Travel Vacation Forum? More members as well as more travelers.

Ria777's avatar, based directly off of the Couchsurfing model, I think.

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