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Positive pregnancy test, followed by two negative tests (all within 24 hours of each other)

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) December 28th, 2008

Anyone ever had this? What does this mean? We are traveling overseas, and are slightly freaking out.,,

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Time for a third opinion.

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You can have a false positive. But not a false negative. Anyway, I agree with pete up there. ^^^

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doctors perhaps… I would be freaking out too… get to the doctors as soon as possible…or another test…(as its sunday here…) hope you get the result you want x

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…. just thought I’d add…not that I think you should be freaking out!!! just that it’s a scary thing…and when i did a pregnancy test and discovered I was pregnant (totally unplanned, unmarried) i freaked out….

BUT! ALAS! I do have a beautiful 2 year old son now… and really if you decide to have the baby… he or she will be an angel sent from heaven!

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If you can’t see a doctor right away, make sure you get two pregnancy tests but make sure they’re different brands. If those come up negative you’re probably not pregnant. As someone else already said, you can get a false-positive, but almost never a false-negative.

Keep in mind how many days it’s been since your missed period. Some tests are less accurate if you test too soon.

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Go see the doctor.

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3 tests in 24 hours? Back in the day tests were done 1st thing in the morning. Was the pos ist and the negs later when urine/hormones less concentrated? At any rate there is no reason to “freak” or make an emergency Dr. visit. Quite the opposite. As a sexually active woman, you should have a plan in place in case you get pregnant. If you do, follow through with it. If you don’t, this is no time to act impulsively.

Take a few days to think things through and make a plan. If you decide not to have the child, you have a couple of weeks to have the procedure. If you decide to have the baby, come up with several plans of how you can handle things. Together/alone, with family support/without, ability to raise/adoption, how are you going to pay for this etc. There is no medical urgency if you are going to have the baby. You should see the Dr by 2 mos and follow up monthly. Just remember to think things through realistically, drama is ok for a 2 hour movie but not so hot for life.

A good way to live-ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B!

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The same thing happened to my friend…she turned out pregnant.

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@gallieogirl: I think you miss the point. The question was directly related to the authenticity of tests and to be sure that there was not something else going on (i.e. ectopic or chemical pregnancy) in which case I WOULD need to see a doctor. I was not looking for a lecture on being “dramatic” and “having a plan b”. Since you obviously had no knowledge in regards to this one scenario, I would have appreciated a little more restraint.

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Supergirl: I think you lack the experience. My response was to your “slightly freaking out”. An ectopic pregnancy cannot be reliably diagnosed in the first 8 weeks and a Dr cannot stop a very early (up to 6 wk) miscarriage, so no emergency Dr visit necessary. Since I have had a “chemical” pregnancy and obviously you have not, your little lecture is unnecessary. BTW nature takes care of early miscarriage over 99% of the time without medical intervention,

So my advice was more useful and to the point than “get to the Dr-stat” since accidental pregnancy is statistically much more likely than either of the scenarios you imagined. However if the point of your question was to either amuse yourself with drama or elicit sympathetic responses then include that in your explanation. Otherwise you might be given some useful advice.

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tests can often be wrong, you need a proper blood-sample test. Not even sure if it’s the right time to do it. How late are you? Basically a doctor is the best way to do this.

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Just for the record, false positives and false negatives are both possible.

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I would assume you’re pregnant. Some tests are better then others. In most cases, you won’t get a positive pregnancy test if you’re not pregnant. However, it is possible.

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you need to wait a few days, levels of pregnancy hormones will rise (if youre pregnant)

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hi there,lin here.i just had the exact same thing lastnite,1 positive at 8pm at night and then a negative at 4am(i couldnt sleep)and another negative at 10am.i am 8dpo today and am quite confused,so i booked a little trip to the docs 4 a blood test,cant hurt,so my suggestion is if u can,go to the docs,might get better results faster from the blood test,its still early days 4 me,but i know how it is to want to know YESTERDAY, good luck with it all and i hope u get what u want,thanks so much,lin

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For any urine test, you get the best results early in the morning before eating.

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@PnL—that’s incorrect. I had an entire week of false negatives after my missed period before a pregnancy test finally showed I was pregnant.

@Supergirl I would recommend making an appointment with your doctor. It is possible to get false positives and negatives, as I stated above, it’s happened to me. However, you don’t want to take the chance that you are actually pregnant and then leave the country or engage in behaviours that you may choose not to if you know you’re pregnant.

Women can also miss their period, have a positive pregnancy test and then find they have negative pregnancy tests or a late period—this can mean that they had a very early miscarriage. Either way, time to get checked out!

(As a side note, I used different brands of pregnancy tests during the Epic Week of Peeing on Sticks, and they were ALL negative… so be careful about assuming they’re correct because they’re all showing the same result!)

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Well, how long are you going to be overseas? If you ARE pregnant, do you plan on keeping the baby? If so, then just chill until you get back to the states (or where ever). As has been mentioned, as time goes on you’ll become more and more sure. And, as @galileogirl said, for the best results use the first-thing-in-the-morning urine, which is the most concentrated for hormones and everything else. Any other time of the day there is no telling what it could show. If you test in the afternoon, it could show that you could be having kittens!

If you plan on terminating the pregnancy….then you might want to escalate a visit to the doctor.

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