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Does anyone know this love poem?

Asked by nebule (16452points) December 28th, 2008

Several years ago before my grandmother died (at 96 years old), one Christmas she suddenly recited this poem and I can’t remember it really…. i believe it started something like:

“I wrote a letter to my lover the other day….”

I think there was something in the poem at the end about her ripping the letter up and the lover never actually receiving the letter…but I’m not sure…. IT was fairly long…i would say about 6–8 stanzas (we were all dumb-founded when she came out with it from beginning to end (from memory).

I know this isn’t much information and its a long shot, but if anyone knows or knows of any really good websites that would help me find this poem i’d be very grateful.

I’m just hoping it’s not a poem she wrote herself!

Anyway I’ve looked on many websites trying to find this poem for my mother

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Can you remember any other key words? I tried searching my poetry sites for things that would be similar, themes, slightly different wording. Came up with jack. Maybe just a specific word you remember hearing? Or anything. Lemme know, and I’ll keep looking. :)

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um…trying really hard to think….maybe something about a postbox perhaps? but not sure…will keep thinking! thanks for your help asmonet! x

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No problem, I’ll try more later today! :D

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Where was she from? It sounds like an English or Appalachian folk song.

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Lancashire in England

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Did it include anything about “and on the way I dropped it”?

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no… I know the one you’re thinking of Jeruba… that’s an old children’s rhyme I believe… a tisket a tasket…. but’s not that one thanks anyway x

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Still looking, wish me luck.

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thanks asmonet… i do really appreciate it x

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My dear, I think I’m losing my google mojo. I can’t find a thing that fits. If I were you, I would send out an email to the family members who were there that Christmas asking them what it was and requesting they not share what you’re doing with your mother if it’s a surprise. It may well be that an aunt or cousin has it stashed away somewhere in their closet or their memories.

Good luck finding it, and if you do, please lord share! I’m kinda bugged by this one now…but in a good way. :)

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thanks asmonet…will do… x

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