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I heard some very negative things about the new MacBooks Pro's. What do I need to know?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) December 28th, 2008

I’m getting one, finally, in januari. Yay! Must I heard the aluminum-coating or something wasn’t very good? Could someone clarify that for me?

I also heard new MacBook Pros freeze. A lot. :?

Thanks, Davey.

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I think with the first generation Macs, there’s usually some manufacturing faults – usually not serious and not prevalent across the entire line. After my 1st Gen Macbook developed some of these I resolved to always wait until the second generation of a product which irons out a lot of the problems the tech blogs always gleefully point out in otherwise brilliant pieces of hardware.

Considering Macworld is in January, why not wait and see if the second gen is announced then? According to the Macrumours buyers guide it probably won’t be, but it might be worth waiting just to make sure.

If you end up with a Mac with a serious fault, as long as it’s not purely cosmetic the company will repair it under Applecare anyway. Software freezes should hopefully be taken care of with the recent ‘Late 2008’ patch, or future patches, so I wouldn’t worry about that either.

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No matter how bad it could possibly be, it’s nowhere near as bad as a Windows laptop that is virus ridden 5 min after plugging it In to the Internet.

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I’ve had a windows lap top and I had no anti-virus protection on it and it never got a single virus, maybe I’m a fluke? but there’s others that haven’t had this problem either.

and i agree with benseven, don’t let negative things scare you

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I didn’t scare me so much, but I read it at a site, so I thought I would ask the collective.

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Well it’s not an aluminium coating, the laptops are fashioned out of solid aluminium then shined and shaped so theres no problems there. I myself got one for christmas and have been putting it through it’s paces. It runs Ps and Aperture better than my white 2.1Ghz iMac, mainly thanks to the Nvidia GPU,and has yet to freeze on me.

I partitioned the harddrive and installed windows which also hasn’t crashed or made the computer run any slower.
As Ben said software bugs will be fixed by patches like the trackpad patch that they released a matter of weeks ago.

P.S. the new trackpad gestures are awesome

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i’ve been using mine every day (usually several hours at the time) since mid-November and have yet to have any sort of problem with it, even a mild problem. i’ve got a 2.4ghz with 4gb of ram & absolutely love it. i love the new trackpad – so much so that using even last generation mbp’s slightly annoys me because they don’t have the gestures (don’t even get me started on windows machines’ trackpad).

the only slight downside to the new ones i’ve found is that if you’re going to be doing any typing for an extended period of time, you might wanna get an external keyboard as that gorgeous front edge is slightly sharp and can become uncomfortable after a few hours typing. but i wouldn’t trade that beautiful seamlessness up – i’ll just develop strange calluses lol

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OK, so now I know there are no worries. Thank you very much for replying and I look forward to get mine!

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