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What do you do when you're emotionally exhausted (burned out)?

Asked by Jude (32198points) December 28th, 2008

I’m going through this right now and for me, I want time to myself. Mostly, to nap, and do pretty much nothing. I have nothing left in me to give anyone at this point and I just need some time to recharge (veg) and to be left alone?

What do you tend to do?

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Cry. Listen to happy hippie music. Draw. Nap in some sunshine. Maybe do all four in order.

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I take a day off from work. Go to my mother-in-laws. Bring a stack of comic books and my iPhone. She has a third floor bedroom that nobody uses and she keeps everyone away from me for the day.

8 hours later of napping, reading and listening to music I have perspective and am ready to go.

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I lie on the sofa with the cat and wait.

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If time permits, I like to take a weekend away someplace quiet and scenic. Sleep, cry, take a hot bath. Walk outside in the cool night air and early morning frost, or sit on the beach. Rest, recharge, write. If I can’t get away I have a glass of wine, and take a long nap with my dog who will listen to me ramble and look at me with knowing eyes before I fall asleep. If neither of those is an option; I call one of my dear friends and pour out my heart for as long as they’ll listen.

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I like to turn off my mobile phone, go for a long solitary walk or read a good book. Trying to just be in the present moment works for me too, I then try to focus my attention on what I do just at that moment. This helps me let go of most of the unnecessary worrying about things that have happened in the past or things in the future that may never happen anyway for a few moments. Having a lazy day just sleeping, writing down some thoughts or treating yourself to a little present is good too.

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Dear jmah: While I am very sympathetic, I would remind you that my birthday is on the 31st. Everyone feels now as you do. How about all of you vegging out for the next two days and then throwing me a party?

I would settle for afternoon tea with brewed Earl Grey, home-made scones and strawberries and cream.

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Time alone. Sleep, sleep and more sleep. At some point I wake up and actually feel refreshed and ready to jump back into the fray :)

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I needed a day and a half of doing pretty nothing, other than sleep, watched Bill Maher’s “Religulous”, gorged on chocolate covered cherries and got my ass out for a short walk. Feeling much better now. =)

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Glad to hear it!

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Jmah: Let the baking begin.

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gail: as I mentioned in another thread some time ago, there’s a birthday party at my home on the 31st. Scrape the ice off, head toward MD, and we’ll add your name to the cake! Everyone deserves to be celebrated properly.

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When I get burnt, I find that time alone, usually invovling a good nap, does the trick!

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Time alone, definitely. Certain kinds of music help me. If dealing with anger, I always gravitate toward Carmina Burana and certain thunderous operatic choruses. Debussy’s La Mer is balm for the soul.

I find it therapeutic to do something both creative and absorbing that does not make intellectual demands and may even allow me to shut off the talky part of my head. For that my favorite recourse used to be sewing or painting.

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Long solo hikes. Soak in a hot bath with a book. Or if I get the house to myself I might crank up some music I love and sing along.

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