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Are there any bluetooth wireless mice that will work directly with my MacBook Pro other than the Mighty Mouse?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) December 28th, 2008

By directly, I mean without having to plug in a crummy USB stick? Everything I’ve seen so far implies that a crummy USB stick is involved.

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Yeah, I’m gonna go with no. There isn’t. Everyone I know with a Mac has a Mighty Mouse. :-/

I think.

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any reputable brand like…Microsoft, Logitec, Kensington, and others…Blue tooth is just a wireless technology. I sync up with my Sony Phone weekly to transfer photos. I use a Kensington Blue tooth mouse.

I would argue that mostly anything blue tooth will work with your mac without having to use the USB adapter. Check the system requirements on the back of the packaging before buying, it normally will have a mac symbol on it to indicate that it will work.

Just be sure to buy the blue tooth devices that don’t use the USB stick. For some reason, even if it says it’s blue tooth and it comes with that USB stick, it wouldn’t even work with my PC that had blue tooth, I had to use the USB stick instead.

and for the record, I have never had any problems connecting to any blue tooth device apple or not. So to answer your question..Yes there are several.

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All, provided the Mac has built-in Bluetooth.

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@Dave: Can you detect them using the built in Bluetooth though? I always assumed you couldn’t, since I’ve always seen people using the Bluetooth sticks, even on new Macs.

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Make sure it do not come with a usb stick.
And for gods sake, it’s Bluetooth, not blue tooth!

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Yes, BT is BT. I’ve used off-the-shelf PC BT mice with Macs, no dongle needed unless the Mac didn’t come with BT. I’ve used one of those USB to BT dongles as a workaround, also.

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@wilhel1812 hahaha, I accidentally used the spell correct, and it separated the word =(

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That’s great, cheers guys. I’ll probably pick up a Logitech mouse then.

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You DO want the Logitech V470 mouse – and it comes in a very Mac-ish white/grey – will sync immediately and flawlessly with your Mac (as my MacBook Pro) – pure plug & play at its best. There is NO lag. The mouse is sensitive and will operate on surfaces that befuddle ordinary optical” meeses.” YAHOO! I’m USB Donglefree!
14 March 2009 – LongJnSilver, London
See my review for the Logitech V470 on

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