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Anyone else feel depressed after the holidays?

Asked by loser (15012points) December 28th, 2008 from iPhone

It’s like, okay, the excitement’s over; now what?

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Yeah, back to school for me ):

But than again, I enjoy college, its the driving I hate D:

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Back to work. Sucky-sucky sue.

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Look on the bright side… more FFO’s (forced family outings) for awhile :)

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I feel a little bit down. It’s because it has been go-go-go-go-go-go and then BAM! Appendix surgery, laid up and can’t move around and then BAM! Christmas and now nothing, no work to do, the weather is crap, I don’t feel like staying up late or going out….It’s the winter blues. I do my best to combat it by taking Vit.D and doing my best to watch happy things although I watched Karate Kid with my daughter and wife the other day and almost started crying….I’m gonna send over a huge virtual hug to you. Laugh it off, it will all be gone soon when we go back to being too busy.

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I’m trying to distract myself by doing laundry, cleaning, retail therapy on itunes, and a bit of Jack Daniels thrown in. It seems to be helping!

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I find the holidays a good indicator of where I am in life, and that can be a bit depressing. The kids seem older, relatives have died during the year, friends have moved—all of the things that have changes since last year seem more pronounced. For example, Christmas dinner was just three of us, as my daughter had to work, and friends/family either didn’t come into town, or had other plans.

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The end of the holidays this year is really grim for me. I had a good time with my (intermediate) family and my high school friends, but soon I’ll have to go back to college. It’s not a bad thing really, I like my classes. It’s just…I think I’m very lonely. Life at college is vapid and not fun at all. All that matters are my grades and getting the work done.

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I’m actually a little relieved it’s mostly over. There is still new years eve to get through, and my dad is getting married on new years day (at mid-day!)...When it’s all over, I’ll be even more relieved!

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@seekingwolf, my daughter said the same thing. Is this your first year?

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I think during the holidays can be depressing as well. I typically opt to stay on the west coast while everyone is back east. I don’t feel that the $ for the flight and the possibility of just getting stuck in the airport is worth it. (Where I live the flight is at least $600 at the holidays). So, I feel sad missing out on family stuff, but never sad enough that I want to make the trek. This year I distracted myself by doing something I had always wanted to do—I hosted a big xmas dinner at my apartment for other friends who couldn’t be at home. 15 people ended up coming, we had great food, played games, and I got to meet some new people, and learn more about some new friends. Plus, I think most of the group was truly grateful to have somewhere cozy to go and it made me really happy to be able to provide that for people.

Anyway, the holidays are tough, and when I find myself feeling sad, I remind myself that it’s a temporary feeling and really just a day when it comes down to it, and I feel better.

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I agree with AlfredaPrufrock.

The week between Christmas an New Year’s always feels like my personal year-end review issue.

I am definitely in a funk.

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Yes, it’s my first year…sigh
Why? Is this sort of depression normal for the first year?

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@seekingwolf, for a number of reasons.
First, new environment, having to make new friends, living in space that’s not familiar.
Second, being responsible for yourself in new ways. While not having your parents around is a good thing, it’s also difficult, because you are responsible in new ways.
Third, college level work is work. Not matter how well prepared you are coming into college, there is a big unknown factor about university level work. You have to deliver.
Fourth, no matter what your social status was in high school, the pond is bigger, with new competition.

The good news is, when you return after the holidays, the situation is no longer new. You know how to find things, what’s good in the cafeteria, where the study spots are, how to get an appointment with an advisor, etc., what the drama factor is in the dorm, where to meet people. It really does get easier. You will begin to see people in class that you recognize from first semester, and that alone will be a reason to speak to them. Making friends gets easier.

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Yeah I guess you’re right.

I was feeling REALLY down after this semester b/c I got mono 2.5 weeks before finals. I barely had time to study with being sick/playing catch up. I also have realized that since I’ve been at college, I’ve filled my time w/ studying and solitary hobbies. I have zero friends (excluding my roommate, who is a recluse too). Now I need to go back and learn to be happy…with or without friends.

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i’m usually more depressed during the holidays.

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