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How 'bout those Cowboys?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) December 28th, 2008


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haha they suck and I love it… but I also root for the worst team in NFL history :(

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You know what’s worse than the Cowboys losing?

The Eagles winning.

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LMFAO this is a cruel thread. lol

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I’m happy to see the Eagles win and Donovan come back from all the troubles he experienced earlier in the season.

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Hahahahaha….. Oh my pinkie hurts! Hahahahaha!!!!

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Whatever, Go Ravens!

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Forget you guys!


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I really feel bad for T.O. To play with such a great quarterback and lose by the widest margin in Eagles history must be tough to swallow. I wonder if he’ll shed more tears.

Fly Eagles Fly…!!!

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I was laughing and laughing. It was like, boys get down to the red zone, and then they give us a TD. Everything went right! Unbelievable! These things happen occasionally. On to Minnesota!

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I would be sooo pissed if I were a Cowboys fan! To play one game to go to the playoffs and play like that is like smacking your fans in the face. Don’t really have a team but I hope Peyton Manning makes the Chargers look like the pieces of crap (Rivers & Tomlinson) that they are.

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I’m never certain how to read these things. Luck, I believe, plays a big role in games. You hit the ball out of the runner’s arm and it bounces right into the arms of the defender? That’s darn lucky to get a bounce like that. Similarly, with the other fumble. It stayed in bounds, so it could be collected and run back for a TD.

Now, you could say that the defense created those fumbles, but if the recoveries had been tackled immediately, the Eagles would have had the ball deep in their own territory, and they didn’t do well in that situation.

Maybe the boys players should have covered up better. But I’ve seen games where the Eagles get stripped right and left, and the breaks go the other way. I don’t know how much is skill and training, and how much is luck.

But once burned, your morale goes down. After a while, you quit. Especially when two drives in a row go right down the field to the ten yard line (or so) and end in touchdowns for the other team. That’s just killer!

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I don’t know if it’s luck or concentration of a particular player during a particular play. Also, running backs must be cognizant of defenders hoping to punch out the ball.

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Yeah, it’s a hard call to make. Defenses are always trying to pop the ball out. Sometimes it happens a lot, but the bounces go to the fumbling team. This time, all the bounces went the Eagles way. Got to be some luck in that. ALthough, it could be abbetted by bad planning by the ‘boys.

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Yes, I think that’s a good way to put it.

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It wasn’t luck that Dawkin stripped the ball out Romo’s hand.

It wasn’t luck Clemens was there by himself behind Romo.

It wasn’t luck that the Eagles would have still scored 30 points with two Defensive 80 and 90 yards returns for touch downs.

Dallas completely sucked because that have bunch of asshole heartless that don’t give damn.

I could go on for hours but I need to stop.

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