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Becoming a Bartender?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6599points) December 29th, 2008

I was just curious where would be a good place to get a start if I wanted to become a bartender. I know there are some classes you can take but I’ve been told they really aren’t worth the money or help get decent jobs. Just curious if anyone else has any insight on this

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In Wisconsin you have to go to classes to get a license so I would find a good bartending school in your area.

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Try to get a job bar backing and move your way up.

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I had a friend that became a bartender in college and she took a class for it
(1–800-BARTEND) and years after depending on the place she worked, dive bar or classy place they would look and see if she was really trained or just on the job training. Usually the classier places liked it more that she had a real license, the dive places some snubed their nosed into it but never turned her away.

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Barback first. Do not waste your time or money with bartending school. It’s a joke and they will not hook you up with any jobs. All my friends who tend bar started as bar backs. I somehow got hired with no training, which is sometimes possible if the person likes you. A lot of bartending is not ability; you can learn to make drinks in a month. Its personality.

If you were in NYC I’d maybe give you a whole other set of tips. There your chances of getting hired at a joint may depend totally on your look. For example, since I’m covered with tattoos, I would apply to places in the lower east side. A place might hire you because you ‘fit in’ to their aesthetic. With this in mind, dress accordingly for an interview.

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it’s so sad, to have a bartending school ( which is about $200 and only takes about a month to complete ) and then you get out there thinking you can use your skills and they deny you because you went to school for it…. does that make any sense, at allll? no not really.

from the mouth of many bartenders its best to learn everything on your own. pick up books on how to mix drinks and memorize them, keep empty alcohol bottles and learn how to do tricks with them at home. now, you can even get a bar mentor… its best to go during the day and quiz bartenders because they usually aren’t busy. sometimes, they’ll even ask you to come back there and help them out. also good looks play a huge factor if you don’t know how, learn how to play up your look and become a hardcore flirt.

of course as peedub said it’s best to fit your look to the bar you’re going after! good luck! :)

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well my first advice is grow some boobs and a vagina… then wear a low cut shirt and a short skirt. Sadly I have two years of bartending experience, my customers always liked me, and I know a ton of mixed drinks ( that I can make very well ) but I haven’t gotten a call back on an application in a year because of what I between my legs. Good luck. My other advice is to just get a drink book and start with the common ones and work to more interesting drinks and then use your friends as guinea pigs… I’m sure they won’t care :)

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point of interest. notice all the posts besides mine are from the fairer sex… coincidence I think not.

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hee hee. Peedub’s a girl

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haha oops scanned it kinda fast…

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