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Do you and your SO have a list of people that you would allow each other to "do" without repercussions?

Asked by Sueanne_Tremendous (11290points) December 29th, 2008

A list of people that you would allow each other to “do” without repercussions? I’ve always had an agreement with my SO about a few people. When I was married my hubby agreed to let me do Dennis Quaid or Kevin Costner. I agreed to let him sleep with Debbie Harry or Madonna (it was the 80’s people!). My current (estranged) partner and I have a list. Mine is Gweneth Paltrow or her mother Blythe Danner (kinky). Jenn’s is Angelina or Cher.

So, what about you?

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Pfft. You have far better taste in women.

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@as…Well, of course, you are on my list too…

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Yep…Michael Keaton (thanks, Sueanne), Kevin McKidd, Dave Matthews, Jodie Foster, Ellen DeGeneres, Audrey Hepburn (time-travel permitting), and others. Mel Gibson lost his spot due to his being an ass.

Some of these people are on both of our lists, but I’m not telling which ones ; )

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mmmm…jodie foster

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I saw a stand up comedian recently who said he has a list with his wife, she chose Daniel Craig and the guy from Lost, he chose her sister and her best friend. ;-)

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Our list is mutual. It includes anyone who can honestly be proven to live at an address where all of these numbers: 2,7,5, two number 3’s, and a 4 are part or whole of the street address. Motel room numbers are acceptable (if such a room exists!) if the room is rented for at least 8 consecutive days in the person’s name who is to be “done”.

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Well, if George Clooney or Andy Garcia stop by…I told my hubby all bets are off. That said; I’m sure there are a few “must haves” on his list, but he hasn’t spilled those beans yet!

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Andy Garcia’s street address is 25432 which is unacceptable and would cause a divorce.

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Jon Bon Jovi for her, Hugh Jackman for me.

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@psyla: Thank goodness I don’t have to follow your rules.

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no, it doesn’t work because i always yell at him for having such awful taste. i have no idea how he hooked me in. lol

i’m asexual, so no sexy time but i’d like to spend some quality time with james franco and angelina jolie

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Hugh Jackman, for sure!

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In 25 years of marriage, I have never asked the question because the answer would probably be an ex-boyfriend and that would not work for me.
I suggested Catherine Deneuve, she’s 65, and the wife won’t even allow that…..


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I could go back for Hugh Jack.

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