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Jeans with a button up do they go together?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7423points) December 29th, 2008

I am wearing some slim fit jeans, and a button up shirt. Should I tuck this shirt into my jeans and loosely give some slack around the waist? I have a belt on that matches my shoes, and the sleeves are rolled up just so slightly. Or should I just leave it untucked?

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SO dresses like this for work. I think it looks better tucked in.

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That’s totally up to you. Looks fine both ways. I guess it depends how long the shirt is and/or the cut of the bottom. I don’t know about the “loose slack” thing. If you decide to tuck it in, commit to it and don’t pull the shirt out or poof it.

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Slightly more formal- tuck it in.
Just hanging out- leave the shirt out.

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I think tucked in is a good look. Roll sleeves up 3 quarter for a more casual look.

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Tucked in. Button up shirts look horrible at the bottom if they’re not tucked – and they call attention to your crotch, which is decidedly unprofessional.

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Tuck it in and wear a nice jacket.

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I’d like to know what colour the shirt is and / or if it has a pattern on it.
hmmm, in directly answering your question I’d say leave it out, but I have to agree with Mr Henry above in that tucked in with a jacket (or my peronsal favourite) a skinny black waist coat looks ace.
Well done on the belt and shoes :)

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For work? tucked. Hanging around? hanging out. After wearing? in the hamper or laundry bag.

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I think tucked into slimfit jeans is very sexy. Poofed a little above the belt is kinda romantic, but can you let your nice body contour show, unimpeded by major billows of fabric?
For untucked, I personally prefer an attractive tshirt underneath and the top shirt unbuttoned over it, kind of flying away from the body as you dance move around.

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susanc: are you feeling a little frisky?

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tuck it in, and dont make the slack around the edges too loose or it will make you look like you have a muffin top. Try to match the belt with a nice jacket and leave the jacket undone.

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I’m going against the pack here and saying untucked. I like the look better.

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I’m an untucked sort of girl. Tucked in sometimes looks uptight or nerdy to me.

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Depends on the shirt. Cut shirts look great untucked. If you untuck a suit shirt you look like you dressed in the dark. I mostly wear a good top for casual stuff though, rather than a shirt.

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@syz, you and me, we are fashion geniuses!

@Richard, I like the look of an untucked suit shirt, it is kind of casual, going against the flow.

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Well i’m wearing that combo right now, and they go awesome!

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please do not tuck it in, this states sad man with no style ! let it hang out, more relaxed and more trendy. Actually get yourself a nice white t shirt instead, jeans and shirt is very old hat! and don’t put on a matching belt for goodness stake! not cool!

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omg wow, NEVER tuck in a button down with jeans, never!

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A tucked shirt only looks nerdy if the guy isn’t particularly doing anything else with what he’s wearing to make it interesting.

If you’re wearing plain clothes (jeans and a shirt) and tuck, it looks like your mum dressed you on the way out the door. If you make a bit more of an effort and dress properly, a tucked shirt will look great.

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Tucked in comes with the added advantage for the ladies of a glimpse of the ‘levi’s bum’ (if such is present).....

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@wild oh yeah, I’m all for the “levi’s bum”.

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@richardhenry – hey! I’m a mum! :0)

And yeah – a sweet @ss in a pair of Levis….niiiice!

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If the jeans are very slim, I’d go with untucked. If not, I like the look of either.

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If, when tucked in, your button down shirt is too “blouse-y” at the waist, ther your real problem is you are wearing the wrong size shirt.

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Tucked is good precisely because it allows for Levi’s bum. God, do I have to explain
“Frisky”? Sure enough! We’re just about to say goodbye to Dick Cheney! Now there’s a man who needs to leave his shirt untucked.

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untucked, very sexy and rakish

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Untucked. Especially with the sleeves rolled up. Also, leave it unbuttoned, especially if the shirt you have underneath it looks halfway decent. If you can pull it off, you can look rather svelte.

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Men: if you wear a button up shirt untucked with jeans make sure the shirt is designed for it.

This means a shirt that fits close to the body and isnt to long.

Men attempting a casual look by wearing a regular dress shirt untucked especially over a belly just looks tragic.

Roll up the sleeves to one third and keep the top two buttons open.

If the jeans are dark wear a light shirt and vice versa.

Switch the look up with a tie. Use one on the narrower side and wear loose but neat below the neck.

Note: Just because your wearing the tie with an untucked shirt doesnt mean you can ignore correct length, (dont tie it up too long)

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