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Apple iPhone 3G...can I keep my current AT&T plan?

Asked by rawpixels (2655points) December 29th, 2008

I currently have the original Apple iPhone (8GB) and I have a $29.99 a month plan. If I switch to the 3G iPhone, can I keep my current plan?

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Nope. You need a special plan for data (an extra $20 or $30 bucks). Plus you’ll want to review your voice & text plans.

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The data plan is actually $30 unless you’re using it for business (aka need to access microsoft exchange email) in which case it’s $45. And unlimited text messages is an extra $20! On top of the data plan! I want an iphone, but why do they have to gyp you with such an expensive plan??!!

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Yeah, the more expensive monthly plan is exactly what’s keeping me from buying a new 3G iPhone. Hopefully, things change in the near future, because I really want a 3G.

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