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Should we talk about questions or topics here?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) September 14th, 2007
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My impression is fluther occupies a space between the two. If it was to just discuss brief answers to specific questions, it would be structured differently and there are other sites that are more efficient at that. I believe one of the nice things about fluther is it does both. If we were, on the other hand, just to discuss topics, it would be structured more like a forum or blog. Perhaps part of the problem is when we fail to disclose in the initial question whether we are seeking short answers, references or links, or we are seeking discussion. Some of the more open-ended questions, like the recent thread regarding lying, could not possibly be briefly answered, while others, like where to go for good sushi in San Francisco, readily lend themselves to a brief response.

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“You ask a question. We get it to the right people. Everyone discusses the answer.” Then hossman tells everyone the correct answer.

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May I remind you Poser, klaas is a young man, and you have a problem behaving appropriately with young men. The opinions of a parasite mean little.

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Thanks for reminding me that I “have a problem behaving appropriately with young men.” What would I do without you, hoss, as my moral compass?

I’d like to apologize if my joke above offended you.

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I didn’t get the joke, so never mind :-)

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Nope. I have a pretty high tolerance for offensiveness. I make no pretense to always being correct, but I do try, and some of my errors have been pointed out here. While opinions are opinions, I don’t think I’ve ever given any bad facts to anyone here. Not to say I don’t still think you owe bybvibe an apology. Hey, if you can’t find True North yourself, a compass can be handy.

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But a compass doesn’t point to True North.

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You are correct, Poser, my error. A compass points to magnetic North, you have to take it with a grain of salt to find True North.

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especially if you put the grain of salt on the compass needle in such a manner as to unbalance the needle to get it to point towards… true north!

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The original question is a good one. Is this a space for answers, or for discussions… or doesn’t it matter?

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