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Why is my hair so tangly and dry?

Asked by desiree333 (3211points) December 29th, 2008

After I shower lately my hair has been extremely tangly and dryed out. I am trying to grow my hair longer and I dont want to damage it by having to comb through all these tangles. The strange thing is is that I haven’t changed my hair routine except for I have been doing hot oil treatments and deep conditioning my hair. I have even stopped straightening it! Does anyone know why my hair is so dry despite all the good I’ve been doing to it? And what do I do to fix this problem?

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You got it right in your first tag. The weather this time of year is probably the culprit. Use a good moisturising conditioner.

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It is probably the cold weather, and central heating. This can dry out your hair. Don’t be tempted to used rgular dry hair treatments all the time as this will dry it out even further. I have had the same problem for years. I try not to wash my hair every day as this encourages the natural oils to produce. Another thing that has helped is using baby oil combed through my hair every week and left in over night.( you don’t need too much though) If you are trying to grow your hair you much get a ragular trim as this will encourage your hair to grow and strengthen. Hope this helps. Avoid the expensive products they don’t always do what they promise.

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Keep it out of fire.
Fire drys things, usally burns….

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@dustysponge, are you actually serious about your comment, or are you being sarcastic?....

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I think that was an attempt at humor….

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“Attempt” being the key word.

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alright. Let it go now please.
Can’t blame me for trying…

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Some things that have helped my coarse, dry hair:
Brush your hair before you shower.
Use warm, not hot, water.
Wash your face, neck, shoulders and any other body part that will come in contact with your hair before you wash your hair (or before you wash it a second time, if you do that), so no soap gets in your hair later.
Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner every other day at most, massaging through your hair gently.
When conditioning, use a good sized ‘glop’ of it, and make sure it gets on every strand, from roots to tips.
Leave it on for a few minutes while you do other things…shave your under-arms, use a nail brush, etc.
When done showering, gently use your hands to squeeze all the excess moisture from your hair, then wrap it in a towel and do it again…do not rough up your hair with the towel!
Use a gentle brush or comb, and apply anti-frizz serum that contains silicone.
Let it air dry if you can.

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Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair; regular towels can be very rough on the hair shaft. If you must comb out tangles, use a comb with the widest possible teeth you can find and work your way through smaller sections of hair while the conditioner’s on it, very gently from the ends up.

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Are your hormones out of whack? When I was diagnosed with polycystic overy disease, thet was one of the symptoms. My Dr said changing contraceptives could do it too.

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