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Any ideas for Super Hero names?

Asked by Dustysponge (24points) December 29th, 2008

I’m trying to think of a really good Super Hero name.
Any ideas?

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What kind of powers do you have?

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Yea, I’d make a name based on your powers.

My friends sometimes call me Captain Trainwreck. You can have it though. I’m not sure the name gives me any powers.

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The Mighty Giblet

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Milo the Masterful

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well his real life name could be Max Powers,
But his super hero alias could be anything, usually based on some attribute.

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RPG character? video game character? story character? Do you have your traits and powers yet, or do they come later? Do you need a generic name or one that reflects special qualities?

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Not my area of expertise. Though fiddling around with Laureth’s second to last link was so fun. thanks Laureth.

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Great links, @Laureth! You can now call me Tundra Thrasher, Lady Chill, or Mind Dazzler.

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Violet Dragon and Fire Wolf were my personal favorites.

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Well, AstroChuck and SuperMouse are already taken. AstroMouse?

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SuperChuck :P

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The Tumultuous Farty Pants – I’ll leave you to guess his powers…....

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