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uhm, kinda silvery-gray, as it’s moving up my thermometer (or rather, down, this time of year)...... unless you’re talking about some other definition of that word?

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Crap I thought that capitalizing the first letter of the word and putting topics that had nothing to do with liquid mercury would tip everyone off!

jk on the sarcasm…..Attention future answerers: QuickSilver as in the Mac app

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No, I knew you were obviously not talking about Mercury. I just A) didn’t know what you were talking about (didn’t look at the topics until after I posted) and B) am really bored tonight.

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It used to look Bezel. Now it looks like Spotlight. I mean, it is Spotlight. But Bezel is clearly the best.

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Mine looks like Spotlight now too, but used to be Bezel. Back in the day.

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Bezel 4 life. I absolutely love QuickSilver- it’s a lifesaver on a netbook Hackintosh. The less I have to fiddle with that crappy trackpad, the better.

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Mine is a poiple bezel because my background and highlightsh are poiple.

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I use the Cube interface. Love it.

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I now use Google’s Quick Search Box for Mac:

It’s done by the same developer as Quicksilver, who is now working at Google.

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@verily I recently switched. Quicksilver hasn’t been updated in so long, and Google QSB supports all of the plugins I used with Quicksilver out of the box.

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