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When sending a text message, can you type numbers in the body of the message without changing the input format?

Asked by hoist2k (99points) November 17th, 2006
It seems that some phones make you switch to "number format" while others let you hit the same key and cycle through the letters into the numbers (e.g. d-e-f-3). What does your phone do?
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on my motorola phone I can just get to the numbers after I go through the letters on a given key (i.e. if I hit the #2 button, I can do A, B, C, then 2).
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Ditto of occ
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cool - thanks for the feedback!
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I can just hold down the button with the number that I want
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WOW - Thanks to 'danyacg'...I never knew I could do that! I never use the 'abc' mode since I stay in "T9 mode" unless I need to switch over. I tested mine out and I can scroll as 'occ' said or hold it down as 'danyacg' said!

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