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A question about the Zune and digital media...

Asked by dalepetrie (18002points) December 30th, 2008

I had a 30GB Zune and loved it, but decided to put the 120GB on my Xmas list this year (success!) so that I can convert my entire collection to digital and begin to get rid of some of the physical discs as they’re just taking up too much space. What I would LIKE to be able to do then once I have all my discs on my PC would be to create a document listing all my CDs, so that I can a) cut and paste the titles I’m selling to an online ad and b) preserve a hard copy of my catalogue for insurance purposes. Does anyone know of a quick and dirty way to produce a list like this…perhaps there is some sort of software that will catalogue my collection, or some feature already imbedded in the Zune software (or even in Windows Vista) that will let me do this?

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Don’t know from Zune, but iTunes will export your library list as an XML. From there, you can edit the XML in Excel to remove unneeded columns and then save that as a plain text file.

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