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Signs & Omens: How often do you make decisions based on these intuitive matters?...

Asked by scars2b (111points) December 30th, 2008

and has your experience taught you to trust in them or has it failed you?

or does it all have to do with you mental framework?

by signs and omens, i’m referring to those common themes presenting itself to you over and over and over again.!

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Follow the signs. I did for the past two months or so and they led me to a big fat lie that was kept from me for almost a year.

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Uh, never.

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I follow them. Most of the time.

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I guess I could say that I only follow them sometimes. But I DO try and trust my gut, because that usually will not fail me.

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Sweet Jesus, never.

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I do it, and also consult the tarot once a year, it’s like living your life helped by a gps :)

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Gut instincts? Sometimes. Signs & omens? Never.

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My wife is all about signs and omens.

I’m all about reason and gut instinct.

I think we need that balance.

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