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Which version of PS3 should I buy?

Asked by HeNkiSdaBro (392points) December 30th, 2008

Looking for the best value PS3 package to purchase. I can buy a harddrive myself and perform an upgrade and thought of getting the 80Gb version because of its cheaper price. Yesterday an ad popped up selling the PS3 40Gb version a bit cheaper than the 80Gb version. Would that be a good choice? I read this article comparing the different packages and saw that the 40Gb version is no longer in production. Does it also lack features or better hardware? I don’t want the get a less performing unit to save a few bucks… Thanks for your input!

..and one more… still no way to get support for old PS2 games on the newer produced models?

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Same features just smaller hard drive.

Bear in mind that every (well nearly every) game installs large files on the hard drive which can be up to 5gb a time. Add on this downloaded games and other content from Playstation Store save games files and so on and 40Gb will fill up fast.

The other thing to remember is the PS3 hard drive can be upgraded by the user without voiding the warranty. They even give the instructions in the manual. As a 360gb 2.5inch hard drive can be picked up for about £40 it might make sense to buy the cheaper model and get the bigger hard drive your self.

No, the new models can’t play PS2 games but if you have a lot of PS2 games then you already have a PS2 and if not why worry. Also although they can play PSone games most I’ve tried haven’t worked that well.

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Thanks a lot! So you are sure the 40Gb version that is no longer in production has the exact same specs inside as the newer models (80Gb and 160gb). If that is the case, the cheapest 40Gb model would be the best value, take it I upgrade to a fatter drive!

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The 40GB version is the same as the 80gb version that is currently in production.

There was another 80gb version that predates the 40gb that had 4 USB ports instead of 2, a card reader and software emulation of PS2 games but it only sold in the US and the software emulation was crap anyway.

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are there any special bundles or kits with extra controllers/games etc. that could save you some bucks? Maybe there are some shops around the UK or so that are known to be cheap to import from?

(I’m interested in the FIFA09, NHL09, GTA IV, Gran Turismo 5 games mostly if that helps.)

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If you’re not based in the UK I wouldn’t bother buying a PS3 from here for 2 reasons. 1. the US $ price is probably about the same as the UK £ pound price so you;re gonna end up paying about twice the price once the exchange rate thing has been worked out. and 2. the bluray drive is region encoded so you wont be able to play blurays from the area you’re in.

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Buy the 20GB or 60GB if you want backwards compatibility. These models had the hardware-based backwards compatibility. The only 80GB that offers backwards compatibility is the Metal Gear Solid bundle, and that backwards compatibility is software-based.

The 40GB model is not backwards compatible in any form or fashion – and since backwards-compatibility is my holy grail, I shun this model.

Fie on the 40GB.

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Why not just get a PS2? You can pick one up for next to nothing?

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This is the version of the PS3 you should get:

Nintendo Wii

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the Wii? Do I look like a five year old or a teenage girl? No.

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My friend has a Wii and as much as I love to play those games with a few beers and friends around they keep feeling a little to geared towards the younger audience. And it is a shame there is no higher resolution to achieve higher than 480p with the component cable. Think to play Zelda in 1080p! That would be something… And for those of you not already convinced of the PS3 graphic engine… Check this out

But I do appreciate all your help. And I do love the Wii for what its worth!

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@squirbel: Do you mean that the hardware inside the 80Gb PS3/MGS-bundle is different from the others? Have a look at this wiki page . I can’t find that specific version…

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Yes the MGS 80 gb console has 4 USB slots and a memory card reader as well as being able to play PS2 games (sort of).

After that they stripped out two USB slots and the card reader. I wouldn’t worry about. 2 USB is more than enough as you can plug a hub in and anyway what are you going to connect other than a controller to charge it and a USB drive. The lack of a card reader means you can’t view photos directly from digital camera to PS3 buy really, were you going to? And finally the backwards comparability is software powered and not er overly effective. If you want to play PS2 games either you already have the hardware or you can pick it up second hand for less than a PS3 game.

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Thanks for your info, interesting stuff. Good to know I can plug in a USB hub. Can I use normal logitech webcams as well?

I see from that wiki page that the 80Gb PS3 version you talk about with 4 USB ports is only released in the NTSC format. Are you US based? This unit with MGS might not even be available here in Sweden?

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Guys thanks for all your input on the PS3 issue. While I’m at it – is there something else I should consider when connecting it to my 42 inch FullHD plasma TV? Does the price/quality of the HDMI cable matter that much, they seem to charge top-dollar for those… Any thoughts?

And what about webcams, Logitech don’t work?

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Yeah plugging a games console into a plasma can be tricky. Anything that doesn’t change on the display (think stuff that apears on the HUD like the score or ammo etc) is going to get burned in to the display if you are not careful.

As for HDMI cables price is not an issue. Unlike anologue signals where the construction of the cable had a massive impact on the quality, HDMI transmits a digital signal. It’s all 1’s and 0’s so the signal either gets there and you get a perfect picture or it doesn’t and you get no picture. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to kid themselvese that paying $100+ for a cable was a smart investment. Mind you don’t go so cheap you buy a piece of crap that’s going to fall to bits.

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Right on people, thanks for all your input, I ended up getting the 80Gb version without any games. The 40Gb version is not to be found here in Sweden anymore it seems. I did not get a game bundled console; found some great deals on games and accessories online instead. Enjoying myself with Guitar Hero III, Legends of Rock and Aerosmith with two guitars. So much fun.

And I cannot believe how great the PS3 menu system looks on a FullHD LCD. The image viewing utility is beautiful and the whole machine seems very well built. Highly recommended!

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