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Does anyone here have a underbite?

Asked by ilovemetrostation (19points) December 30th, 2008

do you find it ruins yourr life.?

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I have a small one from a broken jaw. It sucks.

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I am 28 & have a major underbite. To add to it I am a female & it’s ruined my self image. When i go out people think I am mad but I actually am embaressed to smile. So i had braces for 4 yrs as a early teen & of course they just took my parents money & didnt inform me of the underbite. I realized later in life that I look different. So the braces were already off when I realized what an underbite is & that I have one. Now I am facing $4,500 in braces AGAIN & surgery because I hate the way it looks. The older I get the more it bothers me. So about the last year I have secluded myself in my house & dont go anywhere unless mandatory. Finally I swallowed my pride & decided I will do the braces just to get the surgery. If I had a choice I would never do the braces but will 100% do the surgery & YES MY UNDERBITE HAS RUINED MY LIFE

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yes it ruined my life too but i almost had it fix i got braces and now i look way better wish i had it fix in high school so i could talk to more girls and smile i know how u feel i never smiled either i felt sad most of the time cause i felt diferent

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@svico14 Well I’m 20 and not freaking out yet, but the exact same thing seems to have happened to me with the braces.

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