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Where's a goodplace to watch videos on your phone (iPhone) besides YouTube ?

Asked by pitifulusername (1points) December 30th, 2008 from iPhone

videos on phone

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theres this website that is but it has osme other word in it, and you can get movies and convert them to your iPhone so you'll have them forever. Sorry I cant remeber the actual site name. Or you could buy some videos/movies off of iTunes, or download them off limewire or something (beware of viruses though)

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Joost has a relatively new free iPhone app. They have a small selection of music videos, independent work, and short films. I’ve found one or two things worth watching so far.

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[mod says:] @jessturtle23: Please don’t surprise people with links to pornography. It’s not a nice thing to do.

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Sorry, I forgot it links when you add the .com.

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No problem.

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If you're in the UK then is great.

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@ssteward: I use iPlayer all the time, I was so happy when the BBC announced it.

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@richardhenry: you may like Tioti TV+ for your iPhone then.

iPlayer on iPhone is brilliant but it’s such a shame that you can’t watch it when you’re out of the country. I can see why they have to geo-lock it but it would be great to to be able to watch when you’re away or on holiday. You can download stuff but that requires some forward planning.

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