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Affordable, Good Professional Cameras?

Asked by desiree333 (3216points) December 30th, 2008

The kind that take really nice proffesional looking photos, like the bulky kinds? Just curious?

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Whats your price range? I just got the Canon Powershot SX110 for christmas. It was somewhere in the range of 200–250. And while it is a point and shoot, it is amazing. All of these were taken with my new camera.

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wow thats a really good price, isnt it? i just got a panasonic lumix for my bday yesterday, and it probably was just as much. I wish I would’ve got that camera… :(

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Canons are where its at :P
nikons are good too.

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wow I reaaallllyyyy want one now after looking at those pictures

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Yeah, been shooting with Canon’s for about 7 years now (point & click, pro-sumer, and SLR).

Lurve them. No complaints.

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For P&Ss I use a Canon.
For SLRs, I prefer Nikons because you can still use glass made 40 years ago with your state of the art dSLR made today, unlike Canon.

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Bah.. canon isn’t where it’s at.

It depends on what you want to take photos for,

Sports.. well actually now Nikon was the largest seller this year so.. really Canon isn’t the #1 sport lense seller anymore.. woops, but really that’s what Canons are good for, power shooting.

Nikons .. I love my Nikon so much, it fits in my hand so well I’ve held it for hours on end and my hand doesn’t get a cramp or anything at all, I can’t stand holding my mother’s XTi or my fathers’ 40D for more than 10 minutes before my hand is screaming for me to let go it hurts so bad.

Like I said, Canon is for power shooters, they have a lot of fast lenses (for a high price), and then Nikon.. you can take photos from a lens that’s 40 years old.

Canon has typically been for sports etc. Nikon is more or less the artsy fartsy of the two.

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I went back and forth between a Canon Rebel Xsi and the new Nikon D90. They’re both really great cameras, but I went with the Nikon. I love it. I like how it fits in my hands better than the Canon, and the features are amazing. And I’m definitely the artsy fartsy type!

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I’m a Nikon gal but I have to admit I don’t care for the P & S cameras. Next time I’ll be trying a Canon, or Kodak.

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