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Anyone ever heard of Internet Begging sites and what do you think?

Asked by gbear (6points) December 30th, 2008

My understanding is some people, who are either in debt, have a dream or has an illness, will create a site to make some extra cash.

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I’ve heard of them and I know many exist. The first one I heard of was a guy asking for money, to help get through college. He said he didn’t care even if people only wanted to pay a few cents. I know a lot of people sent stuff to him, so obviously he had a good idea.

I don’t think I would trust the reasons most people could come up with, as to why they wanted the money. But I don’t blame people for trying. I think it’s a cool idea, when it can be believed that someone isn’t lying about why they want/need the money.

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Does anyone remember when Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved by The Bell) begged for money to not have his house taken away. I am sorry, but i don’t think i have too much sympathy for someone who has been successful and who was probably irresponsible and threw their money away on partying, etc. (of course I really do not know what his case was) But it worked for him, so I suppose it could work and there are people who did sympathize. I’ll stick to donating to ones really in need.

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@millastrellas – he was (is) a complete jack ass, too. His since of entitlement is amazing…how is it my fault that he didn’t keep up with things and this was before the economic meltdown.

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i am seriously wondering who the people that donated money to him were? and did he do anything to show his thanks?

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There was also this woman, Karen maybe, who begged to pay off something like $10,000 in debt. She had bought hundreds of pairs of shoes and other merch. I believe she paid it off. Personally I would never give money to such or other beggars. Combined with the fact that on the Internet there are tons of scammers etc, it’s a resounding NO.

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