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What is your fave Site that you think everyone needs to be a part of?

Asked by sethmedia (80points) December 30th, 2008

The question pretty much says it, what site are you addicted to?

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I’ve said this before, but I am a huge fan of Threadless T-shirts. They print clothing of a much better quality than other internet sites, and the process through which people submit and score designs is revolutionary. Plus, their stuff is just fantastic !

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Love it!

Wikipedia is the most useful for me.

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Fluther, enough said!

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Fluther wins, and if you keep salt water fish Renegade Reefers is awesome

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i have always been a big fan of
it is always inspiring to me, as a designer. :]

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Without a doubt, Twitter.

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@natepilling I second that motion haha

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I learned this one recently: link
I believe asmonet made reference to it actually.

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I’m a really big fan of Pandora.

richardhenry's avatar I also want more excuses to use Vimeo.

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Twitter, Fluther, (because Pandora isn’t available in Canada), and BlogTV.

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I’d say Fluther, but I like the little group we have here. I’d have to say Facebook! I LOVE Facebook! (Not as much as Fluther, of course!) I have a zillion pictures on my account.

And any clever little bug could easily find me!

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@ MrMontpetit:
I hadn’t realized that Pandora wasn’t international. I started using recently, but I like exploring different music more on Pandora.

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I am also surprised about Pandora not being international.
It is a must have site!

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@JohnRobert: I think I was calling Andrew’s mom a BAMF. I could be wrong though. :-P

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this one, but i don’t really think everyone should be a part of it, because then it definitely wouldn’t be as awesome anymore.
oh also, recent addiction.

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Fluther is my favorite site by far, but I don’t think everyone needs to be a part of it.
Just the best ones : )

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That’s right… it was the BAMF that led me to it. ;)

Vincentt's avatar, easily. I’d love to start using Pandora again if only it wasn’t US-based (and thus forced to be unreachable to non-US citizens).

Oh, and as well, unfortunately the gratis membership isn't that attractive.

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well right now I like a site called it is a cool site it is more of a 3D chat site.

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if everybody was a part of fluther, well, that would be bad…

i like and pandora

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@hammer43, im sick of seeing ads of that on every other site i go to

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@MrMotipetit, I’m shocked to hear you say that because I have never heard of this site until a friend of my told me about it on facebook and none of my real friends have seen that site as well maybe I’m not looking at the right sites lol.

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I see ads of it on Facebook too. I just see it where ever I go, and it’s starting to annoy me :P

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