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How did you all discover Fluther?

Asked by millastrellas (425points) December 30th, 2008

I recently discovered this site today while googling a question I had, and i clicked on a link that led me here and I have been addicted all day.
What led you all here, and what is it about it that keeps you on answering and questioning?

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I found it the same way you did. I keep answering and questioning because sometimes questions come up that I never thought to ask myself. I keep on learning, and every once in a while I can help someone else out a smidge.

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Apple Web Apps!

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My good friend, Pixel.

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By accident.

I stayed when I glanced down at the questions, it was a particularly witty day on Fluther and I was hooked.

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I was looking at the Fluid apps in the pic of the dock on the Fluid website and one of them was a jellyfish and I was like what the eff is that and below the pic it said Fluther and I came to the site and lurved it.

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This is really strange. I can’t remember. At all.

My first question was something about is some police thing legal; me and the girl I was dating at the time had been stopped and asked questions without something something, or something. I can’t remember actually, and can’t find it.

I actually joined, and then for the longest time didn’t participate so much. Then came back a month later, had the time of my life, met Andrew in the chatroom, and ended up joining the team.

Damn, I wish I could remember how I found Fluther now, I honestly don’t remember.

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i was looking up something about permanent markers for my stupid chemistry class and found this place. i don’t really know why i can’t leave, probably something about dopamine and all those happy-chemicals haha

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Another website had a link to an article about Fluther. I read it and thought ’that sounds interesting’. I came, I saw, and I lurved. Been addicted ever since.

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Through my best friend, and then I forgot about it, and then I Stumbled onto it one day.

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Marissa told some of us (on another site that shall not be named) and I looked at Fluther that first day she mentioned it – but I really didn’t participate. Later on, several of us tried it out, I still bounce back and forth, but like the questions on here, so I still remain on Fluther.

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The same as CAK for me. When there were troubles over there, several people mentioned fluther, so I thought I’d try it out. Now I don’t bother with the other place at all. Reminds me too much of junior high. The people here, it seems to me, show a lot more maturity and civility, not to mention being pretty interesting.

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Older Versions of this question.

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Apple web apps and magic.

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apple apps suggextions.

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@perchik Older versions of this question led you to Fluther?

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@queenz: Chicken or the… Wai, wha?

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More specificaly through web apps.

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I thought this friend of mine had mentioned the site to me, but when I went to thank him, he told me he had never heard of it…

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that is funny, fooaholic

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I still can’t decide if he was messing with me or not. Yes, he’s the kind of guy that would mess with me, but he’d also be glad to take the credit for things, so I have no idea.

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haha. i always get stuck in the same situation. people dont tell me they are kidding until days or weeks after.

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I got to know about fluther through friends

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Science Fair searching.
How many times has this question been asked?

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probably everytime there is a new person, as myself. ha.

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