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how do you clean wool that's just been shorn?

Asked by chwagner (8points) November 17th, 2006
I visited a farm recently and came home with a bunch of smelly wool that I might want to spin one day. I read online about how to wash the wool, but I couldn't find clear directions on how to clean our the material in the wool before exposing it to water and soap.
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you have to card it to get out the big pieces. that involves these two sorta' blocks with hooks all over 'em, and you pass the wool back and forth between them. this combs the filth out. i wouldn't put any liquid on it at all until you've cleaned it like this.
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Brush it out until you have cleaned out all impurities such as straw or bugs. If you don’t have the special brushes, you could try just using two regular hair brushes and running them together with the wool in between. Then try washing it with shampoo and rinse it out until the water coming from it runs clean. This was the wool doesn’t stink.

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