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Always wondered why people have accents/dialects when they speak.

Asked by itsmemap (18points) December 30th, 2008

How come people in the same state in the U.S. can have a totally different dialect? Is it the water?

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People from north jersey sound completely different from south.

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In Central Ohio at least…I know people from southern areas, or red neckish areas (parts of West Virginia) will move to the Grove City area, or the southern area of Columbus, and they all act and resemble rednecks, however…in the North Westish area, there is Dublin which has pretty much the opposite, normal people who work 9–5 jobs in an office or something.

It’s hard to say, but I’d have to go with people just re-locating to another part of the country.

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The US is a big place. Different areas have different cultures (usually influenced by other cultures that may not be originally American) and thus, have different accents. heck, this happens even in England, which is smaller. West Midlanders sound very different from Londoners…

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A lot of the time your going to talk like your family does.

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