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How do you prevent a hangover?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) December 31st, 2008

I tok my time typing this so it doesnt get flageed

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Simple – don’t drink too much! :o)

or…How to Prevent a Hangover

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A tablespoon of olive oil before the festivities should do it.

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I couldnt tell you first hand experience, not much of a drinker, but i hear drinking plenty of water helps as hang overs usually come from dehydration.

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I have heard that drinking a lot of water before you sleep helps.

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fests already happend baby

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Before you go to sleep, eat some bread and drink a bunch of water. Take two headache pills. Good luck.

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Take like 3 vitamin b12’s and drink a couple of glasses of water. Also, be sure to swear off La Lachusa, she is the mother of all hangover, haah…

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shes a fucking scary ass bitch

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gotta love Drunk Fluthering

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I drink a lot. The best thing to do is chug a glass or 2 of water and take some ibuprofen before you crash. I promise it makes all the difference the next morning.

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bless you buster. fi god was youd’ be him

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thanks krose

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You’ll enjoy reading this tomorrow.

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haha this too funny. i would say pretty much the same things as everyone else. drinking plenty of water and taking tylenol before going to bed.

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flageed. thank ogodness. lol.

Drink a ton of water, hangovers are dehydration.

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Oh, godness! I hope this doesn’t get flageed.

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Early candidate for Q of the year in 2009? Wait, not 2009 yet? Someone started early…

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It’s easy, you just don’t stop drinking.

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Wow, starting the night before New Year’s Eve?!? Now that’s impressive!

I have no one to party with but my family, and the kids go to bed by 10 or 11, and my wife hates partying. Some fun with adults (if not adult fun) would be nice ;-(

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Hilarious. Good luck krose!

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Asmonet is correct. Hangover is dehydration which creates electrolyte imbalance which shows up as a hangover. The best way to take care of this is to consume two packets of Emergen-C (sold at Drugstores,Walmart,Sams,Target…) before you start drinking and then remember to consume water during the ‘drinking’ hours. (remember not to count the alchoholic drinks as water.) Drink WATER between drinks. Next morning 2 more packets of Emergen-C and more fluids. Works like a charm.

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Stay drunk.

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First of all, ignore wilhel.
Second of all, drink plenty of water.

ogodness. That is my new favourite word.

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The question was “How do you prevent a hangover?”, not “How do you postpone a hangover?”

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Well, theoretically if you stay drunk, you prevent the hangover by postponing it indefinitely, no?

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Nah, eventually you just fall over dehydrated and dying.

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@asmonet: No hangover if you’re dead. WIN!

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Yes, clearly suicide from dehydration and liver failure is the best solution to this problem.

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dude I officially swear by chugging two bottles of water and 800mg of ibprophen. Try it, it really works ;-)

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if your stomach can take it, a glass of milk and good night sleep.

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@richardhenry: You got me there. :)

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How about prolonging the “getting drunk” process by swallowing a tablespoon of olive oil before you drink…

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@asmonet I really did, didn’t I.

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Little bit.

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i agree with Vinifera7 . i don’t drink because i’m under 21 but the simple thing to do is don’t get drunk!!!

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i’m 22 but i simply don’t drink…ALCOHOL IS FOR THE WEAK ! (epic voice)

i just don’t like the taste and the idea of getting drunk

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Well you don’t necessarily have to get wasted. There’s some extra tasty alcoholic drinks out there.

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For real, White Russians anyone?

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OMFG Yes. :D

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i went to a big lebowski party before…. we drank many a white russians :P

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Been there. ;)

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Drink lots of water.

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Avoid dark alcoholic beverages because they tend to contain congeners, which exacerbate a hangover. Other than that, try to keep your BAC down by drinking slowly, eating plenty of food, and drink plenty of water.

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