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New year to be delayed by 1 second,what will you do with that second?

Asked by oasis (970points) December 31st, 2008

Due to the earths slow down,the new year will be delayed by 1 second,what will you do?

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Kiss a boy an extra time, and excuse my behavior by saying that the second one is ‘for luck’?

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a quick fart should do it

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Keep kissing!

If he’s feeling better. Ugg.

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Since more people kiss their pets then their friends (according to an article on MSN), most people will be kissing their dogs or cats for this one extra second.

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Oh! Good idea. If boyfriend is still sick, I can kiss the cat.

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Be asleep 1 second longer.

I’ll be that much closer to feeling rested after the rhinoceros crowd fuck that was 2008

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Like “Spock” to McCoy,...... “remember”.

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Bring that champagne glass to my lips!

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I guess I gotta find me some of these kissin’ women!

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A nano-second, not a full second.

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I guess I just wasted lifetimes of extra time by reading and answering this thread.

Extra kissing still sounds like a good idea. Thanks asmonet.

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