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can you plant bulbs throughout the winter? or only before the first frost?

Asked by avi (2points) September 15th, 2007

i live in the northwest, so it barely freezes, i want to start a bulb mix, i need any and all advice about tulips, crocuses, and daffodils…. thanks

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My friend who lives and gardens in a small island in the San Juans just wrote and said:
“We have up until Christmas. They still need the cold ground to do their thing properly. I often buy the year’s end at the tulip store on Dec. 1 then plant them sometime in the next two weeks.”

All spring bulbs can be planted at the same time; deeper for the bigger bulbs. Do you have a hungry rodent population? If so, they LOVE tulips and croci.. Daffs have something toxic in the bulb, so the mice, voies, chipmunks avoid them.

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thanks that’s good advice

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we live in the cold upper midwest US. we have planted bulbs under several inches of frozen solid soil/turf in December and they sprouted and bloomed OK. excavating the frozen ground is much more difficult, but the results were the same. Go for it.

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