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Has anyone noticed prices in the grocery store rising?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) December 31st, 2008

I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like prices in the grocery store are rising and fast! Since when are chips $3.00 or more a bag, and thats not even for like an amazing brand. I was at Giant the other day and everything seems to be much more expensive then I can remember. Maybe I just never paid attention to the prices before, but weren’t a bag of chips like $2.00 a couple months ago? Not just chips though, juice, a number of things seem to be up in price….

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I haven’t noticed a price in processed foods where I am, but I’ve seen an increase in price for milk and produce….strange thing though, I went to the store, and I found that organic bananas were LESS expensive than not-organic bananas…wha-?

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Thats funny cause I saw organic bananas the other day and while I am don’t for sure the price on them seemed VERY comparable to what i’d be willing to pay…

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Yep. Lots of people have.

There’s good news, though.

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Prices always go up very quickly, but take a long time to come back down and then seem like they never come back to where they were.

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Actually, it seems prices have come down compared to food prices this summer.

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I would prefer rising prices to the infamous grocery shrink ray.

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Remember that up until the fall, commodity prices (oil, corn, etc) were going up dramatically….you must have missed the stories about Costco limiting the amount of rice people could buy, and increasing starvation in poorer countries because the grains they survive on were 4 times as high as they had been. Well, most salty and sweet snacks in particular use some form of corn, whether it’s the ground corn in chips or the high fructose corn syrup in just about everything else. Now a lto of manufacturers tried to hide their price increases by keeping their foods the same price, but making the containers smaller (next time you go to the store to by a 1/2 gallon of ice cream, notice that you’ll really be buying 1 1/2 quarts). Just the cost of oil going through the roof caused a huge spike in corn prices, because it takes oil to harvest corn, and that spike in corn prices fed through the market as I described. But you’ll notice that oil prices started their dramatic rise almost 2 years ago, and just started to come down a few months ago. Well, corn prices follow oil prices, and food prices follow corn prices, there’s a lag. So you’re seeing he first few months of 2 years of rising prices in oil, so prices at the grocery store will continue to go up for another year or so before they start to come down again.

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There has been a steady increase over the last 18 months, much of it related to oil prices (chemical fertilzers, power for processing plants and transportation) If there has been a minor dip in the last couple of months, it probably has something to do with the drop in oil prices too. Of course food has not dropped as much as oil. Once they have us used to paying the higher prices, they never reflect the full reduction in production costs. Also consider if you are buying the same things you were a couple of years ago. Did you buy grapes @ 3.49/lb in Dec 2006 and then switch to fall/winter fruit this Dec? Also is the half gallon of premium ice cream switched to new less-than-half gallon store brand? I have my groceries delivered with itemized lists and I can tell you my prices went up about 20% between summer of 2007 and summer 2008 but have dropped only a few % since Sept.

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Organic fresh string beans, $12.95/lb.

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in tesco’s cambridghire, uk, it used to be 3 cadbury’s for 1 pound but recently the offer went up to 1.20 pounds. CRAP.

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@empress damn the super market shrink ray grrrr. Everything is coming in smaller portions now for the same or HIGHER prices. wtf.

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@uberbatman: You want to know what it doesn’t work on? Tampons and pads. They tried to shrink ‘em once and hormonal women threw fits. Take that corporations!

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