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How can I make money at home with my pc ?

Asked by JUDYXYC (31points) December 31st, 2008

I want to stay home and make money with my pc is there a way for me to do this ? also I’am not a computer person. could I do porn

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Live web cam shows….your milkshake might bring all the boys to the yard

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you could sell your PC…

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I’m waiting for the spam..

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Go for it.

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You could make dollar bills. Do you have a printer?

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Record yourself doing something very unique. Put it on YouTube and wait about a year. If America likes it enough, talk shows will pay for you to be a guest. You’ll have enough money for about nine months. In that amount of time you need to get an agent so that you can appear in a Nutrisystem commercial, another $5k or so. You’ll have been seen enough to do a few more commercials, earning your next year’s wages. Then you’ll be asked to be a judge on a CW talent show, to which you’ll say no. NBC hears about it and asks you to be a judge on their new talent show, because you have appeared to be more famous than you are by rejecting the CW offer. You now have enough money for the next two years, provided you don’t spend it all on cocaine.

Your next appearance will be a guest star on How I Met Your Mother. Nothing big, just enough to get you about $10k. This will get you a few lines in a new Dreamworks pic, which will provide you with work experience to get Universal or Fox’s attention. You’ll get 4th and 5th leads in their movies, which is going to open the door for you to host a new Bravo fashion show. They sign you on for six seasons. After that you’ll get casted as a 2nd lead, in which you’ll win a Best Supporting Actor award at the Golden Globes.

Now you’re set for a good 20 years. After that you’ll have to hope you saved enough money because your PC won’t be able to do anything else for you.

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There are lots of survey sites that ask for your opinion on various issues. For example, there’s ZoomPanel which doesn’t necessarily pay money but you can save up points for small things like DVDs or electronics. There’s also PollingPoint where you can potentially do surveys for a while and save up points for $100. There are also other survey sites out there that pay small incremental cash.

Amazon runs a site called Mechanical Turk where you can do small tasks online for incremental income. It’s not much, but it’s something.

The key to making money online (or anywhere else, for that matter) is having some product or service that other people are willing to pay for. Once upon a time, this might have been porn, but the plethora of free online pornography is making for-pay porn outfits lose business.

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And there it is.

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