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Can I shrink a movie I bought from iTunes?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) December 31st, 2008

When I rip my DVDs and TV shows, I shrink the size to save space on my iPod, because I care more about space than video quality.

Will iSquint or Handbrake let me convert an iTunes purchased movie to a smaller size?

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You can try. If not, I’d make a copy of the file and remove the DRM and then try to shrink it.

yeah, yeah someone will probably post and be like “OMG removing DRM is bad and illegal!” but honestly, if you paid for something and need to remove for the SOLE purpose of making it playable on your device, then you’re fine. I’ve done it all the time myself.

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Yes on handbrake there is a bunch of settings and on the first or second page of the settings there is an option for kbsp or something like that and you can change the size of the movie. I would recommend 900, but if you want less space try smaller. Experiment, you dont have anything to lose. Although I have been trying to use Handbrake for months and my videos come out like crap even though I am 200% certain I am doing everything right, everyone else seems to like the program. Im sure it will work, if not keep your original movie.

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A seekingwolf, I agree completely. Also same goes for a paid DVD, if I paid for a movie I should have every right to make it playable on my iPod. The only reason this is illegal is because apple wants you to buy movies from the iTunes Store, not the video store.

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@desiree Check and see if you have the old or new version of Handbrake. I asked a ? on here and somebody said the new one is all messed up so I installed the old one and it’s been working good for me. The new version is something like 9.0.3 and the old one is 9.0.1 something like that. The only thing is that the old one only lets you do discs, not files already on your notebook (it says Invalid Source). I’m going to try the new Handbrake and see if it lets me do files I already have.

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@queensboulevard ok, well yes I do have the 9.0.3 so maybe thats why its not working for me. I’ll download the 9.0.1 version, or whatever it is, but how do I download the old one. Could you maybe give me a link? Oh and btw I only try to rip discs anyways so that would’nt be a problem. Thanks

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thank you :)

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