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What's the smartest thing you ever did?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) December 31st, 2008
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So far? Got my ass out there and got my GED. There was never a question about my capability, there were a lot of roadblocks and I finally just got fed up enough to barrel the hell through them and get it done.

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Oh, and starting college, for real this time, next week. :D

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to be alive until now

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Try to learn from the stupid things I did (read:do).

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um… hmmm… well… can’t think of any…

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Had my son and daughter. All other accomplishments pale beside that.

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3 cheers, asmo. You’re going to have the time of your life.

So: when my good, dear, buttoned-up stepfather was very ill, toward the end of his life, he called me from the hospital and said his doctor had incidentally put him on Prozac. He loved it! So I said, Well use it! Call all your kids and each of your grandkids and tell them you love them. He said, Really? Is that a good idea? (He really said this.) I said yes. It’s good. Try it and see.
He did! He never had before; he thought it went without saying. My favorite sister in tears. We all loved him, but it was a very inexpressive family.
Then he died.
The smart thing I did: kept that conversation with him to myself.

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I invented the cordless extension cord.

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I married a good women.

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I did hard drugs from the time I was 15 to 24. I have left the cocaine and arm dope alone for 3 years now and have no desire to ever fuck with them again. Im going to college for the first time this summer hopefully. Im already accepted to a school.

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Think for myself.

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Rescue my dog even though it cost me a fortune.

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Turned my back on a job that would have made me a millionare by stepping all over other people to get there. Told them how I felt and walked away. No amount of money could ever make me walk on people.

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Do you know if that position still available?

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Got divorced.

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Had children three and four.

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Learned to be smart with my money.

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Learned to live for myself. Not let other people’s opinions influence any of my decisions, no matter what. The life I lead will be decided by me and no one else.

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@astrochuck: it’s available but you don’t want it if you have a family or a significant other. You also don’t want it if you have morals. On the other hand….... Awwww nevermind.

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Left a bad, bad girlfriend.

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Went into therapy, and got to know and accept myself. Turns out, I’m not so bad after all.

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@Judoschop: Is the job Satan?

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Not Satan but close.

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I’m so there.

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Was it Crocodile Dundee? I recall him walking on people, at the end of the movie.

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not starting to smoke.

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Breaking off an engagement when I was very young and waiting until I was 29 to get married – for the right reasons and to the right man.

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staying in school and continuing on to college to where im going to get a degree and hopefully be ballin one day

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