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Isn't this a bit of a bummer?

Asked by aanuszek1 (2290points) December 31st, 2008

Every year my family stays up on New Years, and watches the countdown on TV. Recently, I got to thinking…

Anybody who is hooked up to a cable box experiences a delay, about 7–10 seconds, totally ruining their new years experience if they are watching the TV coverage! This year I’m counting down to What are the collectives thoughts on this big disappointment?

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No great shakes.

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Nothing special really happens at 00:00:00 January 1, so as long as you’re celebrating with your family or friends, the occasion isn’t that important.

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I plan to be drunk, I don’t think seven seconds is going to be an issue for me while I suck face with a cute boy.

Just sayin’.

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Every moment is equally important in the grand scheme of things. Celebrate whatever feels right to you.

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I’ll either be drunk or asleep so either way, I won’t know the difference!

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Can’t I still be on time if my watch says it’s midnight?

Anywhichway, I’ll be hopping into 2009 with hopes for everyone to have a healthy and happy New Year!

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When I’m with my family, my dad and I watch the Twilight Zone marathon and my mom goes to sleep early in disgust at our ability to watch the same programs we saw just last year.

Edited to add: Which is to say—since we never do the countdown, I’m not disappointed.

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Now that I’ve thought about it, I wish I could do what I did for the 2003–2004 New Year’s. My best friend at the time and I went to the movies saw Peter Pan then Lord of the Rings back to back.

We went in one year and came out another, and holy god were our asses sore. It’s probably the best New Year’s I ever had.

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If loser is getting drunk, I will probably be here messing with his head, so I probably won’t notice the exact second either. I’m past the point of getting all excited because the calendar changes from an 8 to a 9 anyway.

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Scamp messes with my head!

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With that extra second would it be 8 seconds? Or 6 seconds?

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You guys, she does! Scamp messes with my head!!!

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@loser: Stop lying and finish your beer! :)

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(hick!) ‘kay!

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Happy New Year 2009 everyone – no matter when it occurred – early, late or just on time!! (I was sleeping….)

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