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What do you feel is missing from Facebook?

Asked by SlingShot (3points) September 16th, 2007

Are there any features you wish were in Facebook but aren’t and if so what are they? Also, which features do you find you use the most and which do you find a waste of time?

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The hundreds of applications that are popping up now are REALLY getting annoying and could definitely be done away with.

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I hate the feed that shows everything that I do, and when. It creeps me out, so I just don’t go on there anymore.

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I miss a connection with non-Facebook websites, and support for OpenID.

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I miss the college only atmosphere. And the simplicity that was there at the begining.

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the ability to stop people being able to send you application invites and options that let you turn off visibility of other people’s apps and just view the base ones that are standard.

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A Fluther Facebook app of course!

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